Impressions of Forces of Light, The Savage Guide to Heaven

This was delivered as part of the Codex Infernus kickstarter. I wasn’t expecting much from it, and it wasn’t until the last chapter that I was impressed with it. Up until then, it didn’t contain any surprising information. Continue reading “Impressions of Forces of Light, The Savage Guide to Heaven”


Impressions from Deadlands Grim Prairie Tales

I just finished reading this book today. This is a book of new abominations and savage tales that feature them. Each of these abominations are interesting in their own way, but I have a particular interest in Agatha Leeds, Minikin, Swarm Man, and Wilton’s Head. Most of those that I particularly liked are the ones that are hardest to kill or have some way of surviving an encounter with the posse and becoming a reoccurring enemy. This is because I think reoccupying enemies that your group can take on and stop, but who can still survive the encounter in some way are great for driving stories.

Continue reading “Impressions from Deadlands Grim Prairie Tales”

Savage Fantasy Session 0

This last week the group I am in started a new Savage Worlds game. The Star Wars game we were playing finished up with us making our escape in a stolen Sith ship and heading home. So we decided to start a fantasy game with a home brew setting. We are still learning the details about the setting, but we got an overview and created characters during this session. Continue reading “Savage Fantasy Session 0”

Impressions of Deadlands Reloaded: Trail Guides Vol. 1

I finished reading Deadlands Reloaded: Trail Guides Vol. 1 today. This is a combination of three books that were put out individually earlier. I had previously read South o’ the Border and when I got the collection as part of the Deadlands Reloaded Bundle of Holding, I was looking forward to reading the entire set. Continue reading “Impressions of Deadlands Reloaded: Trail Guides Vol. 1”

Impressions of Deadlands Reloaded Ghost Towns

Today, I finished reading the Deadlands Reloaded Ghost Towns book that I got as part of the recently ended Deadlands Reloaded bundle of holding. It reminded me of the Deadlands Classic book Boomtowns that I wrote about here. And like the Boomtowns book, I enjoyed this one a lot. Like Boomtowns, we start this book with a series of articles on the towns from the Tombstone Epitaph, and then we move on to a Marshal specific breakdown of the town which includes secrets and dangers that the characters can get tangled up in. I am not going to go into a lot of detail about these towns because I don’t want to spoil anything for someone who might adventure visit them in a game. Continue reading “Impressions of Deadlands Reloaded Ghost Towns”

Impressions from Uprising: The Dystopian Universe Roleplaying Game

I just finished reading the preview for this game today. Based on the Dystopian Unvierse games produced by Indie Boards & Cards. The setting is a future 1984 like version of Paris after a nuclear war. Right now the role-playing game is being kickstarted here. Something to be aware of for this game is that by default it pushes for conflicts between the player characters with the potential for one or more of the characters to be government spies working against the other players. Continue reading “Impressions from Uprising: The Dystopian Universe Roleplaying Game”

Savage Star Wars session 3

The droid brings out our contact, and I quickly set about using the force to bring him to so we can get out of here before more supports of the Sith show up. We give him the pass phrase even though it slows down our escape process, and he gives us a disc with of information, a part that we need to install on the ship, and he points our ride out. He then scampers off to his own escape route, while we rush over to the ship. Continue reading “Savage Star Wars session 3”