Undead Outlaws and Texas Rangers

I am planning to run a Deadlands game using the Reloaded rules and my best guess at what they will be in relation to the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules. In preparation for this, I got a number of reaper miniatures for antagonists. This is the first batch that I have painted and now I will start on the second batch. You can get the Male Ranger, Female Ranger, and the gang of Undead Outlaws from Reaper.

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The Cackler

This is The Cackler from the Dead Men Walking set. When I painted Stone, I was not as happy with how he turned out, so I waited for quite some time to paint The Cackler. You can find the set here. This and the other seven miniatures that I started today and will hopefully finish next weekend will be part of what I hope is a Deadlands campaign that I started planing out.

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A year in review 2018

This has been an odd year for me. It started off with being laid off. Then spending the next several months looking for new work. Which I did find, and then most of the rest of the year was learning as much as I could about the new job and working. All of which cut deeply into my writing and painting time. I hope that the new year goes much more smoothly and I can get back into a regular schedule of writing and painting.

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So I have been sitting on these

I have been sitting on these two miniatures for a while. I painted them first as a off pink color since that was the fiction says they are supposed to be. Unfortunately that did not come out well, and I quickly stripped the paint off of them, and re-did them as a green with a moldy skin. I was unsure about how I felt about them, but they did eventually grew on me, and now here they are. You can find them for sell here.

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Episode 1, Diablero Setting Beginnings

My wife and I started watching Diablero today, and while she is writing up what the show is about, I am writing up how I would setup a game using this setting. You can find more about the show here, and you can watch it on Netflix.

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Impression from Tour of Darkness

I got this book as part of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition kickstarter. It was an interesting read especially since this is one of the wars that I know the least about. It was not very well covered when I went to school, maybe that has changed in the twenty years or so since I was last in a history class. I found what I read in this book interesting, and that combined with what I learned in the PBS Vietnam War series that I have not had a chance to finish yet, made this something that I would like to learn more about.