Location Naqse Rostam: Necropolis

Between the cities of Angkor and Gudua, lies an ancient necropolis know as Naqse Rostam. This location was ancient before either of those cities where founded. The tombs are carved into the sides of the canyon and there are nine major ones and innumerable minor ones. While tomb robbers have long since emptied the tombs of valuables.

Lately a dark force has taken up residence in the area, opening up the old tombs and repairing them with the aid of an ever growing undead army of servants. Now the route between Angkor and Gudua is becoming more dangerous with each passing month.


Author: Hours without Sleep

I am a professional software tester, who has an interest in programming, computers, role-playing games, history, and reading in general. This is my third attempt at keeping a blog, and I am going to try putting all of my thoughts in one place, and see how it goes.

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