The end of all children

Hook: Homeless children are turning up dead lying on a bed of broken glass their face torn up as if whipped.

Monster: Bloody Mary
Description: A young soberly dressed woman fingering a red rosary.
Type: Torturer
Power: See through mirrors, travel anywhere with a mirror.
Weakness: Bless and bury her rosary on consecrated ground.
Attack: Rosary (1-harm, intimate)
Harm Capacity: 7


Name Role Type Information
Liam Ten year old boy from the homeless shelter. Victim – To put themselves in danger. First victim to die, was friends with Mia, Jace and Emma.
Mia Eleven year old girl from the homeless shelter. Witness – To reveal information. Knew Liam, and is friends ith Jace and Emma. She knows the legends of Bloody Marry, but will not tell the adults without convincing.
Jace Nine year old boy Victim – To put themselves in danger. Potential second victim unless the hunter’s can save him.
Emma Ten year old girl. Witness – To reveal information. Learning the legends from Mia, potential third victim unless the hunter’s can save her.
Andrew Eight year old boy Gossip – To pass on rumors. Knows that Mia and Emma know the legends, he does not know the details.
Officer Martinez Patrol cop Skeptic – To deny supernatural explanations. He is investigating the death of Liam, he suspects that there is child abuse going on and is trying to get the kids to talk to him.
Gavin Shelter worker Witness – To reveal information. Knows that Liam, Mia, Jace, Emma, and Andrew were often in the shelter at the same time and that Mia and Emma have been spending a lot of time together.
Zoe Adams Shelter Administrator Busybody – To interfere in other people’s plans. Knows that children in the shelter system have stopped coming to the shelter, and that Officer Martinez is looking for the culprit. He believes that Martinez believes that the murder was committed by a member of the shelter staff.
Makayla Eight year old girl Victim – To put themselves in danger. Just became homeless with her parents, this is the first week in the shelter, and she does not believe the stories from Mia and Emma and is going to be in great danger.


Name Type Motivation Description
Homeless Shelter: Common Room Hub To reveal information A large open room with old ratty couches, beat-up tables and an old TV in one corner.
The Police Station Prison To constrain and prevent exit The local police station that Officer Martinez works out of. If he become suspicious of the hunters, he might bring them here for questioning.
Homeless Shelter: Bathrooms Den To harbour monsters A dingy, but mostly clean bathroom with showers. One side for men and the other for women with lockers to hold personal possessions.
Homeless Shelter: Dinning room Crossroads To bring people, and things together. A large cafeteria style room with large folding tables, where kids gather to pass on the legends. Pictures in crayon depict Bloody Marry with children can be found hanging on the walls by Mia and Emma.
Church Prison To constrain and prevent exit A old local catholic church that is near the Homeless Shelter with consecrated ground.
Street corner Wilds To contain hidden things This is where the first kid was killed by Bloody Marry. He was savagely beaten by her rosary.


Day Emma tries to convince Makayla about the precautions needed against Bloody Marry.
Shadows Bloody Marry starts following Jace to kill him.
Dusk Bloody Marry Kills Jace.
Sunset Bloody Marry kills Makayla.
Nightfall Emma or Mia tells the hunters about Bloody Marry.
Midnight Bloody Marry kills all of the children still in the shelter.

Author: Hours without Sleep

I am a professional software tester, who has an interest in programming, computers, role-playing games, history, and reading in general. This is my third attempt at keeping a blog, and I am going to try putting all of my thoughts in one place, and see how it goes.

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