Impressions of Weird War I

So I have spent the last two days reading both the Player’s Guide and the War Master’s Handbook. I really enjoyed this, the second setting in the Weird War series that I have read (the other one is Weird Wars Rome) and I like this one better. To be fair though, I have more of an interest in World War I than in Rome. The horrors while there are some overlap between the two, I find the new ones cool, and the introduction of the some of the ones from other sources such as Deadlands particularly appropriate (I am looking at you Blood Wire).

The conspiracy that is setting this all in motion is relevant to the time period, and it has been fun looking up the different secret societies in Europe that were active around then. This has lead me to some interesting groups, that were precursors to those that influenced the Nazi’s such as the Germanenorden and the Reichshammerbund.

Of the adventures in the War Master’s Handbook, I thought the best one by far was A Well-Deserved Rest. In fact this is the one that I would turn into a campaign instead of just a single adventure and use instead of the two other campaigns that they included in the previous chapter.

The only issue that I did see while reading the books other than a few typos, was the inclusion of spells that were not appropriate to the arcane backgrounds that the some of the major NPCs and the Cult Leader templates had, but considering that I was already going to add those spells to that arcane background and that I don’t think that the NPCs need to be made with the same rules as the players, I didn’t mind much.

One last set of site that I found that might be of interest during the searches for the different occult and secret societies that is less directly relevant, but can be used to provided inspiration on the types of ideas that were popular during this time period is the Internet Sacred Text Archive


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