Weird War I Raid on the Hejaz Line

Notes: This scenario is for Weird War I and set in Arabia as part of the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918. It is designed for a single squad of Arab, British, French, or a mixed nationality unit.

Hook: A specialist squad is tasked with sneaking to the Hejaz rail line (an important one for moving troops and supplies) and sabotaging it before a troop train arrives so that a larger force can ambush the those on the train.

Minions: Ottoman Patrol
Description: A mounted patrol of Ottomans one officer and two Askeri per player + one per extra in the player’s squad
Type: Guardian

Name Type Motivation Description
The desert around the Hejaz rail line near Tabuk Wilds To contain hidden things This is a hilly desert at the meeting point of a range of mountains leading south and plains to the north and east
Hejaz rail line Crossroads To bring people, and things together Train tracks that curve between two hills and pass over a bridged wash.


Day The squad leaves for the train tracks
Shadows The first night out
Dusk An Ottoman patrol is spotted
Sunset Grisly remains found surrounded by tracks. The leftovers of a Ghul attack
Nightfall The train is coming
Midnight The train has passed

Scenario notes:

  1. The demolition of the train is a Dramatic Task that requires five successes in ten rounds if they didn’t spend time hunting for ghuls. Otherwise they have five rounds.
  2. The intention of this scenario is not to encounter the ghuls, but for the characters to be made aware that something strange and unnatural is out in the desert in preparation for a later encounter.
  3. Assuming the players stop the train you can set up as large a battle as you want as the final set piece with plenty of reinforcements.
  4. If you want to use the ghul, you can find my post for them here.

Author: Hours without Sleep

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