The Hounds of War

Notes: This scenario is for Weird War I and set in Arabia as part of the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918. It is designed for a single squad of Arab, British, French, or a mixed nationality unit.

Hook: A specialist squad is tasked with investigating the disappearances in an allied Arab tribe. Over the last couple of weeks one member a night has disappeared, and it is threatening the ability of the tribe to continue contributing to the war effort.

Monster:Ghul Pack
Description: A pack of Ghuls has taken to hunting this tribe from the shelter of a nearby ruin. There is one wild card + two minions per player + one per extra in the squad. For details see here.

Name Description Motivation Information
Achmed The elderly leader of the tribal group. Witness – To reveal information Knows the legends of the Ghul, suspects that the disappearances are caused by Ghuls, but knows that the others in the tribe will not listen. He is the one the requested the group’s help.
Jabari This is the young man who leads the tribal group’s fighters in battle. He is brash and headstrong, and tends to disregard the wisdom of the elders. Skeptic – To deny supernatural explanations Knows that Achmed believes the disappearances are caused by some supernatural force, but does not believe it. He thinks that the disappearances are from desertion or enemy action.
Kassim A young Arab fighter. Victim – To put himself in danger Kassim is one of the Arabs on watch the night the heroes arrive. Just before his shift ends, he will be tempted out by one of the Ghuls unless one of the characters interfere.
Omar A young Arab fighter Gossip – To pass on rumors Knows that there is a disagreement between Achmed and Jabari about what is going on. He also knows that at least a couple of those that disappeared did not return to their families, and that they seemed to have been swallowed by the sands.


Name Type Motivation Description
The desert around the Oasis Wilds To contain hidden things This is a sandy desert around an oasis. The further from the oasis you get the larger the sand dunes get.
Arab tribal camp Crossroads To bring people, and things together The site where the tribe is camped at on the shores of a small oasis, it has a number of tents and a temporary pen to hold the livestock.
Ghul den Den To harbor monsters This is a ruined basement of a building that has collapsed and the remains were taken away. It is a quarter of a mile north west of the oasis


Day The squad arrives at the camp in the evening and settle in for a feast of welcoming
Shadows The first night in camp, Kassim is taken by the Ghuls
Dusk An argument breaks out between Achmed and Jabari about what is going on. Tensions rise in the camp.
Sunset During the night Omar is taken.
Nightfall Jabari is taken.
Midnight Jabari’s partially eaten body is found at the edge of the oasis in the morning. The Arabs leave the area, and stop helping in the war effort.

Author: Hours without Sleep

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