Madame Lalaurie’s Domain

Notes: This scenario is for Deadlands Noir, though it can also be used in Rippers Resurrected with minimal changes, and takes place in New Orleans.  It is loosely based off of the book Hell House by Richard Matheson. The main villain of this piece is loosely based on Marie Delphine Lalurie who you can find more information on here. I can’t guess at how many ghosts to use as minions in this, it depends on how many in the party can injure the ghosts. If most can’t you can provide some item in the library to help them. Also the “child of Madame Lalaurie” can either be a true ally or be waiting to betray the characters again based on how well the party can deal with the threat.

Hook: An elderly business tycoon hires you to spend a week in a plantation that he recently bought and clear it of ghosts.

Monster:Ghost of Marie Delphine Lalaurie
Description: The Ghost of Marie Lalaurie rules the ghosts of this plantation house with an iron will directing the other ghosts that she holds prisoner to torment the living who spend time in the house.

Minion:The spectral shades of Madame Lalaurie’s victims.
Description: Theses are the various ghosts of her victims. There can be as many or as few as you want, but these are all extras.
Type: Renfield, they push the victims toward the Madame Lalurie.


Name Description Motivation Information
Elizabeth The elderly lady hired to bring meals to the investigators while they are at the plantation. Victim – To put themselves in danger Knows that those who stay in the house all die or go mad. She is terrified to enter the house, and leaves as quickly as she can after delivering the day’s meals. She only shows up once a day at noon.


Name Type Motivation Description
Dinning Room Crossroads To bring people, and things together This is a large dinning room, at one point it was definitely opulently decorated, but time and neglect have taken their toll. The table, sideboard, and chairs are the only things in the room that are cleaned and when the food arrives each day, it is set on the sideboard.
Bedrooms Maze To confuse and separate There are enough bedrooms in the plantation for everyone to have there own room. Each room has a fully functioning bathroom and both the room and the bathroom are clean.
Library Hub To reveal information The library contains a large amount of documentation that the investigators can pursue. Including information on who the residents of the plantation where (both slaves and owners), documentation on who died at the plantation and the research that Madame Lalaurie pursued while alive.
Chapel Deathtrap To harm intruders This is the chapel of the plantation. It was horribly desecrated during the life of Madame Lalaurie, and there are numerous signs of the activities (torture and murder) that she performed in this room. There is also some evidence that there were spectators to at least some of these scenes.
Basement under the chapel Den To harbor monsters This is the location where Madame Lalaurie died, and where her ghost flees at anytime that she is injured. It is a safe haven with occult defenses that protect her and allow her to bind her victims in her service. At the start of the adventure she will be located here, and only send her minions to interact with the characters. Only after they have weakened the intruders will she take the field.


Day The squad arrives at the house and gets to spend the day exploring the building during the day.
Shadows One of the minions approach one of the characters while they are alone (preferably in the bedroom) and asks for help before disappearing.
Dusk Some of the minions attack the character and then flee after a couple of rounds. They head towards the library if it hasn’t been and a bible falls on the floor, it has Madame Lalaurie’s family tree in it, with the mention of a child.
Sunset A ghost approaches the character’s begging for help and to be released from it’s bondage. It claims to be Madame Lalaurie’s child. After it deliver’s its request, a number of other ghosts show up and drag it into the floor as it wails.
Nightfall A bunch of Madame Lalaurie’s minions attack the party, the ghost that begged for help, assists the party in fighting off this attack. (Use as many ghosts as seems reasonable for the character’s to handle). After the battle is almost over, Madame Lalaurie joins the fight.
Midnight When the party finds the secret room under the chapel, Madame Lalaurie leads all of the ghosts in a final assault on the party to capture their souls for torment.

Author: Hours without Sleep

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