Codex Infernus

I backed the Codex Infernus kickstarter mostly on a whim, and now I have finally started reading the PDF that was delivered. One of the first things that struck me as I started reading it was how parts of it could be applicable to the Rifts for Savage Worlds kickstarter when it comes out. But the further I have gotten in it, and I have not finished it yet, the more uses that I can see for it, and the happier I am about having backed it.

The hindrances and edges are serviceable, but I don’t find them particularly inspiring. The ones that most interest me are the Shadow Touched edges, but really they are no different from the Harrowed edges from Stone and a Hard Place. The first thing that starts to get my creative juices flowing are the new trappings for powers (Holy, Purification, Ward, Infernal, Soulfire, and Necrotic). Each of them give some nice flavor for the powers that could be used in any kind of heroic horror type setting (a setting where the heroes are on equal or nearly equal footing with the monsters).

The next chapter covers such topics as the power of faith, holy symbols, blessings, purification, dark priests, angelic weapons, demonic weapons, unconventional vessels, and hell forged weapons. This chapter has a items that cover everything you would need to implement such items as Michael Carpenter, Knight of the Sword from the Dresden Files books with the Power of Faith, Holy Symbols, and Angelic Weapons. The Knights of the Blackened Denarius (Denarians) with Demonic Vessels and Unconventional Vessels (and the next chapter’s Corruption and Demonic Possession sections).

The next chapter is the last one that I have finished at this point. It covers such topics as Corruption, Demonic Pacts, Demonic Possession, Exorcism, how a trip to Hell can change you, and how a trip to hell can change the undead. The sections on Corruption, Demonic Pacts, Demonic Possession, and Exorcism are the most inspiring of these, especially for a dark game where the players are tempted by the darkness. The Demonic Pacts are especially interesting with the offer of power, for a shortened lifespan.

All in all these last two chapters provide enough ideas, that I feel like they make the book worth the cost, and I look forward to finishing it over the rest of this week, and seeing how I can work some of the items into Rifts when I get the books from that kickstarter.


Author: Hours without Sleep

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