Codex Infernus Part 2

So I am still reading Codex Infernus, I have now finished three more chapters of the book (You can find my thoughts on the first three chapters here). These three chapters included a fantasy world, Aegeron, a description of the hell of Aegeron, and a chapter breaking down some of the concepts that you can use to make a custom hell for your campaign including some basic information on different real world cultures’ hells. This chapter also gives five different settings with high level plot concepts involving demons, and about five pages on creating your own cults for use in a game.

The setting and hell chapters are okay, they work with the races that were introduced in Chapter 1. Nothing about them is terribly earth shattering even though the world did get hit by a comet after the demonic invasion had nearly conquered the world. The same goes for the descriptions and layout of the hell dimension that the demonic invaders are coming in from.

The third of this batch of chapters however is by far the best of these three, and in the top two of the best chapters that I have read of it so far (At this point I only have the last chapter still to read, the monster chapter which while it might be good, I don’t expect it to beat out either this chapter or chapter three for my favorites). Really the first eleven or so pages are just okay. These are the high level over views of different real world cultures views on hell. Not a lot of detail is to be found here. After that we get another eleven pages covering using a demonic invasion in various settings from your traditional fantasy all the way through to a science fiction setting. Each of these is only a couple of pages, and only gives the most basic of ideas of how you could incorporate this book into such a setting. Most of these settings I found to be good, but the one that stood out to me was the Victorian Hell. I found that to be the most intriguing of the five by far.

The last bit of this chapter covered cults as I mentioned before, and this is where the chapter truly shines. It breaks down what it takes to make an interesting cult into five characteristics. It then covers four items to add additional depth to a cult. This chapter then finishes off with a sample cult that is described using both quick description and a more detailed description for the same cult. This whole section on cults has been my favorite part of the book without a doubt. I mean I liked the rules on Demonic Pacts, Possession, Exorcism, Corruption, and the Demonic, Angelic, and Hell-forged weapons, but this is what I really wanted out of the book.

Anyway, I plan to write a more in-depth post about just the cults section later after I finish reading the final chapter. Including working through it to build a brand new cult just to see how it works out.

Author: Hours without Sleep

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