Achtung! Cthulhu Investigator’s Guide Part 2

This is a continuation on my review of the Achtung! Cthulhu. You can find the first part of my review here.

Chapter five again begins with a brief story fragment, and then goes into how to create characters for this setting using the Call of Cthulhu Sixth Edition rules (in The Fate Guides to the Secret War it is for Fate Core). In the Call of Cthulhu rules, there are lots of new occupations, plus there are rules on rolling for advancement, and training for specialties such Paratrooper and special divisions such as the Army Rangers. To me it seems like it is overly complicated, but it seems to fit well with the Call of Cthulhu rule set though your characters could be slightly more powerful if built using these rules because the occupations give you some type of minor bonus, and the extra training can give you extra skill points beyond what you would get based on your character’s intelligence and education. The most interesting thing in this chapter are the set of tables for a mythos encounter from before the campaign starts. This table doesn’t give you anything of practical value (no skill points or spells), but it gives you a bit of background that ties you into the horror setting. The Fate version makes the same use of high concept and trouble aspects as well as the fate trio for making characters. It also provides two skill packages to pick from (broad focus and deep focus) with a collection of ratings that you can distribute amongst the various skills that are valid for this setting. We also get a new Sanity stress track to monitor the character’s mental health.

Chapter six covers the new skills that are specific to military style campaigns, and skills covering the new technology that was not available during the traditional 1920’s time frame. There is nothing that stands out in this chapter, just a lot of new skills covering things like Diving, Torpedo, Telephony, Sabotage, Parachute, and many others. The Fate version covers such rules changes as skill drain (this was kind of implied in Fate Core with the resources skill, but it is more widely used here. We also get an extended skill list (24 skills in this implementation) plus we get the concept of specializations. Each skill is given a breakdown of how it would be used in each of the four actions plus how it would be used as part of a notice skill roll and some sample stunts based of the skill.

Chapter seven covers the rule changes for creating a Savage Worlds character. The first change is that you should choose an occupation (civilian or military) that you must meet the attribute and skill requirements for. Most of these occupations don’t have very difficult requirements though the Army Ranger/Commandos, First Special Service Force would require you to spend all four points from your hindrances on attribute raises to qualify for. We also gain a new secondary attribute called Sanity. There are a couple of new examples of knowledge skills, a minor tweaks to the Boating, Driving, Piloting, Repair, Shooting, and Survival skills, the notice that there is no Guts skill and one new skill added for Parachuting. We get a few new hindrances and some minor tweaks to existing ones, and a number of new edges. The final thing that we get in this chapter are some rules on promotion and receiving medals. These rules remind me of the rules from the Weird War series.

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