Painting Mangu Timur

I just finished painting the Mangu Timur Reaper Bones miniature. I found the section on the expected colors to be used in the booklet that came with the kit woefully lacking. After I finished, I think I finally figured out where some of the colors actually belonged, but by then I had already done something else. There were a number of difficult areas to reach on this miniature so I am glad that I did it last. At this point I have finished the miniatures that have come with the kit, and I will now have to either get more and/or get more colors/primer/sealant for the various metal miniatures I have. I am still not sure how I feel about the polymer that is used in this line. For this miniature, I had to straighten the sword, which was easy enough, and I like that there is no need for primer and sealant. But I keep wondering about the durability of them especially if they are left in the car during the summer when it gets to be 110 degrees or more outside if I need to stop at the store for something on the way to or from gaming. Anyway here are the latest pictures.

Mangu Timur back
Mangu Timur back

Mangu Timur front
Mangu Timur front

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