Thoughts on Savage Foes of North America

This is the last of the three main books that were kickstarted during the Savage Rifts campaign. In its three chapters we get a short chapter on the usage of the book, a much longer chapter on the humanoids groups that occupy North America, and then a final chapter on the more monstrous beings that can be found.

As I said previously chapter 1 is very short covering two pages. It gives an overview of what is in this book as well as some sidebars on where to look for information about adding races for the players that are in the original setting materials, but not in these rules yet. There is also a side bar on how to bring things from other Savage Worlds settings into this one. The chapter finishes with a section on how this book is meant to be used in conjunction with the Game Master’s Guide book during adventure generation and for contacts, allies, and outfitters

Chapter two contains organizations and the important players in them as well as some sample extras that fill the various jobs for these groups. We also get some secrets revealed about the groups. The groups covered in this section are the Coalition States (of course), the Federation of Magic, the Black Market, 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry, the Pecos Empire, and Atlantis. The first chapter ends with a collection of generic mercs and specialists that can be easily dropped into the game. The really nice part of this chapter though are the savage tales that are included and the adventure seeds and the magic power/robot armors of the Federation of Magic (Automatons). Oh and just to hold us over until the Coalition bonus content comes out, we have a couple of pages on their weapons and armor and scattered through their section we get various vehicles including the SAMAS, Spider Skull Walker, Death’s Head Transport among others.

Chapter three covers the bigger things including the Xiticix, Wild Vampires, Simvans, Gargoyles, both the new-born dragons and slightly older ones. This chapter feels a little skimpy on coverage, but hopefully they will fill this section out more as time goes on. This chapter also includes a savage tale. The best part of it is the set of tables for “Creatures from the Rifts” section which allows you to generate new monsters.

At this point, I am still not entirely sold on the high armor values high and or large number of damage dice pools that this setting uses. I understand that it is fun to roll a fist full of dice, I just am not sold on the need for it in this system.

Author: Hours without Sleep

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