Painting the Sixth Gun Minis Part 1

On Friday, I finally got some primer for my metal miniatures so I started work on attaching them to their bases, adding the arms to one priming them and painting. I had forgotten how annoying it could be to file the tabs to insert into the base, but after most of the morning spent doing that I finally got them all mounted and glued together. I then used a brush on primer from Reaper, it was very thick in the bottle so I added a little bit of water so that it would go on smooth.

When I ordered the primer, I got it in the Additives pack, I also got the Fair skin triad, the Tanned skin triad, and an undead skin tones pack. The other two because I have a number of human miniatures to paint and the last one because I have the Cackler and Stone pack. I liked how the Tanned skin triad worked, but I am not quite as happy with how the Fair skinned worked out. The two miniatures that I used that on seemed to wash out all of the features. I then tried starting with the shadowed version and then dry brushing each of the two lighter shades to see if that brings out the features better, which it did though they could still use some work (I need to get something to work for lips). I don’t feel the need to go back and redo the three tanned faces that I did, because they seem to have come out well.

There are still basic colors that I need to get (a selection of reds being chief among them), but I am still very happy with these paints. I also need to get some sort of flocking material for the plastic bases, and a base for the last of the Sixth Gun miniatures.

Active shooter finished Lady in a Blue Dresss
Lady gunfighter Man with shotgun
Male gunfighter

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