Achtung Cthulhu Interface 19.40

So I finished reading this the other day, and I wanted to get some thoughts down about this. Going in, I didn’t have much of an idea of what this book was going to cover. Based on the cover and title, I thought it was going to be some rules for cybernetics in World War 2, and what it turned into is oh so much more.

The book is broken down in two parts. The first part starts with a number of chapters of background information in a similar format to the in character background information dumps from Interface Zero 2.0. These chapters provide a lot of hints at secret organizations and occult influences through out that setting. I like this information because it plays well with my interests. So when using this book, we get corporation conspiracies, national conspiracies, and occult/mythos conspiracies. In fact many parts of this could be used as part of a CthulhuTech type rule set for Savage Worlds. About the only thing that you would be missing are the Tagers/Dhohanoids.

After we get the background information on the Interfaze Zero setting, we get some minor rules additions for adding cybernetics to 1940’s era Savage Worlds and Call of Cthulhu characters. These are intended to be rare cases since those doing these experiments don’t really understand all the medical consequences. We only get a few example cybernetic implants, and the rules for them refer you back to the Interface Zero rulebook for the Savage Worlds effects and include the Call of Cthulhu effects here. We also get some horror costs added for these devices as well as changes to the descriptions (making them more appropriate for a horror setting).

Part two of this book is a time twisting adventure where a group from the Interface Zero 2.0 setting (2090’s) and a group from the Achtung! Cthulhu 1940’s setting end up meeting and having to defeat/destroy a Nachtwolfe facility. The 1940’s group is sent there on a mission to gather intelligence, so they need to also recover any secrets that they can. While the 2090’s group is in what they think is a simulation/VR program that they need to test and everyone is being manipulated by a mi-go that Nachtwolfe captured and that is trying to escape. All in all a fun sounding adventure, I almost would want to run it for two groups at the same time (one playing the 1940’s group and the other playing the 2090’s group). Having them meet at some random point during the adventure and trying to figure out how to work together to survive instead of meeting right at the beginning. Though this would probably require way too much effort to coordinate to really be feasible.

All in all, I did like the adventure a lot. There are number of ways for the adventure to play out giving it both a lot of re-play potential and working well as a one-shot. Since this is the first of the Crossover Series books that I have read, I am looking forward to reading the other two that I have next.


Author: Hours without Sleep

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