Achtung Cthulhu Elder Godlike

So this is the second of the crossover series books that I have finished. It covers adding the Godlike setting to the Acthung! Cthulhu universe. I don’t have much information on Godlike, I remember when it came out and that it had a unusual dice mechanic called the one roll engine (ORE), and I have since read another game that used the same system. You can find more information on Godlike here. As to this book it is structured like the previous one with two parts, the first part covers new rules for the setting and some background information changes. In fact in contrast to Interface 19.40, this is mostly rules for building appropriate super powers for the setting to be used with the Call of Cthulhu rules set and very little setting information. Another thing to be aware of is that for Savage Worlds, it makes use of the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion. We do get some new power modifications in this book and I find the rules for clashes of wills to be very good additions for the Savage Worlds.

The clash of wills rules work as a bidding war (there is an option to do blind bidding) to see who is going to assert their view on reality when a “Talent” tries to use their power on another “Talent”. A Talent in this case is someone with super powers. Whoever wins the contest must make a Spirit test and if they bid more than their Spirit Dice, they now have to pay for it. But at least they get to enact their will on their victim.

Part two of this book covers the adventure. This is a much more interesting and Call of Cthulhu like adventure. The way it is set up, most of the characters involved will probably not survive unchanged, and there is research need/opportunities to increase the odds of survival. It is broken down into five parts, and it has far-reaching impacts if not resolved successfully. I really like this adventure and it does it all without any story telling gimmicks.

Two further thoughts about this book. The way the rules and setting are set up, it would make a good starting point for an Aberrant conversion with the Talent’s starting off with reduced sanity and having to balance the cost of using their powers with the need to accomplish their goals. To do this I would re-name the Sanity mechanic as Taint and allow you to choose any power that doesn’t come across as a psychic power (no telepathy, mind reading) and limited empathy powers skinned as super body language reading abilities. The other thought is that this would be an excellent setting to make some sort of use of Pulp Cthulhu’s insane talent skills that I talked about here.

The more I think about this book, the more inspiring I find it with lots of little rules nuggets to extract and re-combine with others for new and exciting settings. Well next up is the final book in the crossover series Secrets of the Dust, and then I will move on to other books to read.


Author: Hours without Sleep

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