Deadlands Location Oro City

So based on my thoughts from the post on Threat Motivation and Moves with City Creation and my post on Working with Mad Scientists and starting bases or Deadlands town creations, I started putting together this location for a starting Deadlands location. The main reason for this particular location is that it is semi-central and can be easily plugged into any of the plot point campaigns as a prelude before moving on to the central story after the posse has built up some experience.

Oro City

Fear Level: 4

Theme: Gold Boomtown gone bust.

Oro City1 is currently a small town about four days travel west south-west of Denver. In the 1860’s a large placer2 gold discovery was made and a town quickly grew up as more prospectors flocked to the region. In a handful of months there were about 10,000 residents in the area. Unfortunately the richest deposits had been exhausted and most drifted away. In the 1870’s it was determined that the heavy brown sand that made the placer mining difficult was a lead based mineral called cerussite3 and that the sand also contained a lot of silver. This lead to a silver boom, but most people moved to a new town further down the river. Now the town is down to just over 300 souls as the last of the ore runs out and the fear grows.


John J Hoover is a harrowed saloon owner. He died of a fall down a sixty-five foot mine shaft. When he is in control of himself his motivation is pass on rumors and he is likely to do the following kinds of things:

  • Argue with the posse.
  • Reveal something.
  • Freak out in terror.

When the manitou is in charge, his motivation is to create chaos and he is likely to do the following kinds of things:

  • Burst forth with sudden, uncontrolled violence.
  • Capture someone or steal something.
  • Use an unnatural power.

Horace Tabor is a local business man. He will provide supplies to various prospectors in return for a portion of the claim. He also purchases stakes in other mines as a means for further increasing his wealth. He is a skeptic and denies supernatural explanations. He is currently looking for someone to bring law and order to the town. He is likely to do the following things:

  • Argue with the posse.
  • Get in the way.
  • Freak out in terror.


Robert Redding is an outlaw and leader of a gang of thieves that raids the various mines in the area as well as the occasional stage-coach on the way to or from Denver. He is motivated to posses and control as much wealth as possible in the area. He is likely to do the following things:

  • Hint at his presence.
  • Appear suddenly.
  • Attack with stealth and calculation.
  • Order underlings to do terrible acts.

Marshal Saul Cornell is the town marshal, a distinguished older man who tries to talk those law-breakers down first, but in doing so generally provokes a killing rage in one of the others listening near by. He is in fact an abomination Agent Provocateur4. The following things are likely to happen when he is involved:

  • Order underlings to do terrible acts.
  • Escape, no matter how well contained it is.
  • Boast and gloat, maybe revealing a secret.
  • Use an unnatural power.


Arcade Saloon is a saloon owned and run by John J Hoover. This is the place that you will find out information. The following things are likely to happen here:

  • Reveal something.
  • Hide something.
  • Present a hazard.

Tabor’s Store is the general store and post office run by Horace Tabor and family. Most normal goods can be found here, and the family can order infernal devices from Denver in a couple of days. The following things are likely to happen here:

  • Open a way.
  • Offer a guide.
  • Present a guardian.
  • Something doesn’t work properly.

I have a couple of other ideas to throw into the location, but I will save those for a later date. And don’t forget that the Double Shot kickstarters are going on now. You can find the Deadlands Classic 20th Edition here and the Good Intentions Plot Point Campaign here.

  1. You can find information on the real Oro City here. Though this is more of a combination of Oro City and Leadville, Co which you can also find information on here
  2. Placer mining is the mining of a stream bead for minerals. You can find more about it here 
  3. Cerussite is a lead based crystal. More can be found here
  4. See The Last Sons pg. 285 

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