Impressions from my latest read through of Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves Guild

This is a book of mostly disconnected adventures. The only true connection that runs through them all is that they all start in Lankhmar. Most of them have something to do with the Thieves Guild of Lankhmar, usually by being hired by the Thieves Guild to do some sort of job. The fourteen adventures contained in the book are of fairly good quality, though there are some that are standouts.

The format of these adventures is similar to the Savage Tales that are used to pad out the different Deadlands plot point campaigns. Each of the adventures is about three to four pages in length and they include the stats for the major characters that the party will deal with at the end.

Atop the Crystal Tower

A decent adventure where the party is hired to steal an item. As is normal things do not go as planned.


This is one of the adventures I have a problem with. It is not the worst of the ones that I have issues with, but it does require some pre-planning and GM fiat to actually work.

The Bounty of Black Skull

The adventures are hired to capture a notorious pirate which requires other tasks be completed.

The Crimson Barge

The Thieves’ Guild is out for revenge and opens up a party barge to all who want to steal from it.

Final Nail in the Coffin

The Party is hired to kill someone by joint decree of the Thieves and Assassin’s Guild

Hammon Heist

This is my favorite of these, it is less because of the adventure itself, but some of the added ideas on how to run the adventure. This adventure describes a way to run a heist game with savage worlds allowing the characters to plan the heist first, and as they gather information about the target, they get resources to handle any unexpected events during the actual heist.

The Hungry Mist

The adventures are hired as extra security for a party. Then the troubles begin.

The Jaded Journey

This is my least favorite. Like the Bloodbeard, it requires a lot of GM fiat. It is potentially a fatal adventure for the party since the party is poisoned by mistake with something that is fatal.

Moonlight Madness

The Moneylender’s Guild hires the party to recoup money that was lent to those that are not willing to pay it back.

Nikhto’s Misfortunes

The group gets some free fortunes and an unfortunate curse that they must try to resolve. Again with the GM fiat, but at least it is the least bad of the three.

Pearls of Illicium

A bounty is offered to find some stolen giant pearls that are not what they seem.

Scrolls of Eximir

A slightly crazy wizard hires the party to retrieve a scroll from his tower of death traps.

Shadows of Betrayal

An elderly thief gets the party thrown in jail with him so that they will go with him as he tries to recover a treasure.

Smoke and Mirrors

The party gets mixed up in a guild war between the Peat Collector’s Guild and the Woodcutter’s guild.

Most of these adventures are not straight forward jobs. They usually have some sort of twist or betrayal that occurs in them, so what you think you are doing going in is not always what you end up doing at the end.

Author: Hours without Sleep

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