Impressions of the Deadlands Dime Novels

So yesterday I finished reading the nine Dime Novels that were part of the Deadlands Classic kickstarter. I liked the format of these books with the first half of them being a short story, and the second half of the book being an adventure based on the major plot points of the story in the first half. We even get some crossover rules for a couple of different systems with these stories. As is always the case I liked some of them better than others, but I found that all of them were pretty good, though some of them I was less interested in as adventures. Anyway without giving anything away here are my thoughts on the different Dime Novels.

Perdition’s Daughter

This is the first of the stories and in the fiction we get introduced to the main character that is in all of the others as well as a couple of reoccurring characters. This was a nice story and the thing that I liked most about the adventure is that it covered events that are hinted at in a Lost Sons Savage Tale.

Independence Day

This is the second of the stories and in it we get a second reoccurring character, and we get to see the main character learn more about what he is. The story and adventure are both good, and we get introduced to the fairly standard convention in these works of the heroes having multiple groups of antagonists.

Night Train

This is the third of the stories, and it introduces us to our first Mad Scientist who is mostly a comedic character. This story also gives the characters a chance to meet the legendary Night Train that is mentioned in at least a couple of the Deadlnads books. All in all, this is another of the better of these books.

Strange Bedfellows, Savage Passage, and Ground Zero

These are the fourth, fifth, and six stories in the series, and the only trilogy in the group. It is also a cross-over with Werewolf the Wild West. The story is okay, but this and the other two adventures in this trilogy are my least favorite of the adventures. We also get some rules or more specifically guidelines for converting Werewolf characters to Deadlands and vice versa.

Forbidden God

These is the seventh of the stories. It is another one that I liked a lot. It is also one that I really liked the adventure for. In fact this might be my second favorite of the adventures in this series. In this case the group has to find out what is killing the customers of a automated carriage service in Deseret.

Adios Amigo

This is the second cross-over story and the eighth in the series. As you can probably guess based on the title, yes it is a cross-over with Call of Cthulhu. I liked this cross-over much better than the Werewolf one. It is also useful just because it is the only one of the adventures that does not have a set location and can be used to facilitate moving the group to another location without having to spend the weeks of travel.


This is the second to last of the stories in the series and my hands down favorite. It is also one that could be used with Deadlands or Deadlands Noir. It deals with the characters needing to figure out who is performing a string of grisly murders on a river boat. I want say anymore on this one other than it would be good for introductory characters.


This is the last of the Dime Novels, and a good conclusion to the series. As you can probably guess by the title it deals with the west’s Salt Rattlers or giant worms. It is a good solid story and adventure, but make sure that any groups that take part in it are fairly tough and resourceful, otherwise they will likely be killed or worse by the Salt Rattlers.

All in all I felt like these stories/adventures were a good addition to the lore of Deadlands and I am very happy to have read them.

Author: Hours without Sleep

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