Notes on How to do 7th Sea in Savage Worlds Part I

I have been intending to write-up some notes on how to convert the new 7th Sea 2nd edition to Savage Worlds since I finished reading the full rules earlier this year1, and while I love the setting, the rules are just not my cup of tea so to speak. So here are some thoughts on how to convert the setting to Savage Worlds.

Traits to Attributes

I will start with converting 7th Sea Traits to Savage Worlds attributes. For the most part this is going to be a fairly straight forward transition, Brawn becomes Strength, Finesse becomes Agility, Resolve becomes Vigor, Panache becomes Spirit, and Wits becomes Smarts. Alternatively you could just rename the Savage Worlds attributes to match the 7th Sea names and achieve the same effect. The thing to keep in mind is that in 7th Sea Brawn has some aspects of Strength, but also some of Vigor, and Resolve has some aspects of Vigor but also Spirit, so you need to look at the way the character is envisioned to determine if one of these attributes should be tweaked beyond the base. As to the base, each dot in an attribute corresponds to a die type (again with possible shifting of a die type between the related attributes).


Mostly skills will be a straight translation from one system to another again, each dot in 7th Sea will mostly correspond to a die type in Savage Worlds.

7th Sea Savage Worlds
Aim Shooting
Athletics Climbing/Swimming
Brawl Fighting
Convince Persuasion
Empathy Notice
Hide Stealth
Intimidate Intimidation
Notice Notice
Perform Persuasion or create a Perform skill and Taunt
Ride Ride
Sailing Boating
Scholarship Knowledge
Tempt Persuasion
Theft Stealth or Lock picking
Warfare Knowledge Battle
Weaponry Fighting and Throwing

There are a couple of other skills that are in Savage Worlds that are not part of 7th Sea that would make sense to include such as Driving, Healing, Repair, Streetwise, Survival, Taunt, and Tracking. There are a couple of skills on the maybe “include list” for me Gambling and Investigation2 And I would definitely not include Piloting since there are no flying craft in the setting. The last thing that I would do is name the Spellcasting skill based on the arcane blood-line that the character is part of.

That is all for now, I have more to write on this as I figure out how I want to handle the different advantages, swordsman schools, and arcane backgrounds, but at least this is a good start.

  1. This came up again when I read the Heroes and Villains book this week. 
  2. I am more likely to include Gambling than Investigation just because Investigation really doesn’t fall within the genre of the 7th Sea. 

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