Notes on Savage 7th Sea, Arcane Background Hexenwerk

This is the first in a series of post that convert the various 7th Sea Second Edition Sorceries to Savage Worlds. I have found in the process of doing this one that each of these are going to take me longer than I expected1. The process that I have started using to do these is to start by reading each power and making notes as to what it most matched in the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion. After that I work out the basic idea of how to translate the effects2. Anyway here are my thoughts on how to translate Hexenwerk to be a Savage Worlds Arcane Background.

Arcane Background Hexenwerk

When you select this background you get access to the Hexenwerk skill that is used to create the unguents. To create an unguent, you must first know the formula and gather any materials that are needed. It takes an hour and a successful Hexenwerk roll. Afterwards you may make use of them. When taking this edge, you learn 1 Major Unguent and 2 Minor Unguents on taking this edge. Each time you take the Extra Power edge, you learn another Major and 2 Minor Unguents.

Major Unguents

Dead Man’s Blood

Creates a poison that can be administered to undead via injection or getting them to eat it. Each round for three rounds, the victim must make a Vigor roll at -2. If they fail they are knocked out for 2d6 hours. If they succeed, they suffer a level of Fatigue.

Ghost Eyes

Creates a substance that when smeared on the users eyelids allows them to see ghosts and spirits that have not manifested and have no physical form for the next day.

Corpse Tongue

Creates a substance that allows you to speak to a dead body and receive answers from it. You get to ask two questions per success and raise on the Hexenwerk roll to create the paste. After all questions are asked, the corpse crumbles to dust. The corpse must answer you honestly, but can only tell you things that it knew in life.

Master’s Bread

Creates a bread like substance that when eaten allows you to make a Hexenwerk roll opposed by the undead’s Spirit. If you win, you can command the victim for three rounds. If you give an obviously suicidal command, they can make another Spirit roll to resist the influence.

Spectral Prison

This paste is used to draw a circle or other closed shape that creates a barrier that undead creatures can not cross or use powers through. They can still use normal ranged attacks across (guns, bows, thrown weapons). They can also try to convince people to break the line which will allow the undead to cross the barrier normally.

Funeral Porridge

Creates a lumpy porridge that if consumed by a living creature, causes one wound immediately, and if the creature dies in the next 24 hours, they will be raised as a zombie, ghost, or skeleton under your command three days later.

Wraith Walk

Creates an unguent that when consumed makes allows you to travel as a spirit (astrally). You are invisible, intangible, and can fly, but are also subject to anything that would affect undead. If you are wounded while astral, your spirit is returned to your body immediately. If you do not return to your body before the next sunrise or sunset (whichever is first) you die. If you can’t return to your body for some reason (ex. it is inside a Spectral Prison), and you are wounded, you die.

Minor Unguents

Revenant Venom

Creates a poison that can be applied to bladed weapons. Each success and raise on the Hexenwerk roll to create this unguent adds +1d6 to the weapons damage for one round.

Reaper’s Poison

This creates a caustic substance that can be splashed on undead by throwing it them. It does 2d6 damage with an additional 2d6 damage each round for 3 rounds.


This creates a substance that blocks an undead creature’s ability to use any supernatural abilities. You must beat the undead’s Spirit with an opposed Hexenwerk roll for this to take effect. Each round after that, a new opposed roll is performed until the creature wins.

Tears of the Prophet

This creates a viscous substance that when applied to a dead body prevents it from returning to life as an undead creatures.

Mother’s Merchy

This thin soup removes all curses, poisons, and diseases that are affecting the character on a successful Hexenwerk roll.

Father’s Fury

This stake smeared with herbs and natural poisons can be used to perform a Finishing Move on any undead (even though they are normally immune to such moves) as long as they are helpless.

Black Broth

The unguent when consumed allows you to make use of one undead monster’s supernatural ability that was chosen at the time of brewing. You may make use of this ability for three rounds.

Red Thirst

This creates a paste that if smeared on yourself taking 1 action, all attacks by undead monster’s must be against you for the next three rounds. It can only be used on a willing person or a helpless victim.

Summer’s Smile

This poultice heals one wound caused by an undead monster on a successful Hexenwerk roll, or two wounds with a raise.

Winter’s Scowl

This creates a jagged ice blade that may be used for one attack. It does d6 + strength damage. The undead most also make a Vigor roll opposed by the Hexenwerk roll. If the undead fails the roll it is shaken, if the Hexenwerk roll wins with a raise, the undead is incapacitated. Incapacitated undead can make a Vigor roll each round to recover.

Autumn’s Sigh

This creates a potion that provides a restful nights sleep untroubled by nightmares. This will block the Bad Dreams hindrance, or any other supernatural effects that cause restless sleep and gives a +2 bonus on the next natural healing roll.

Spring’s Laugh

This syrup makes those who consume it immune to a undead’s ability to cause fear.

Widow’s Veil

This specially treated flower pinned to your clothing makes the character immune to the next attack or supernatural effect by an undead monster. After the protection is used the flower crumbles to dust and is useless.

  1. I was intending to do one post with all of them, but as I worked through Hexenwerk, I realized that getting them all done would take way too long. 
  2. I may try skipping matching the power to the closest one in the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion on the next one I do and just try to translate the effects thematically. 

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