Deadlands Noir Session 2 Notes

This session for the most part had the group split into pairs and go about investigating various items that caught their interest, not necessarily the most productive things to investigate, but that happens sometimes.


We started off with shopping trip that involved most of the group before everyone split up. There were a number of items that people had wanted, but just couldn’t afford and after we worked out how much money Katarina gets on a weekly basis1, a number of people wanted to make sure that she didn’t have any left before the end of the session. Items picked up were a new set of lock picks since she broke her set in the last session. There was also a silencer, pocket watch, camera, flashlight, some rope and possibly other random items purchased and then they all went about their tasks.

The Midas Circle

Greyson and Stefanie2 went to try to find more information on the Midas Circle. This was for the most part a frustrating experience for them as most of what they found out is that none of the members seemed to have any criminal dealings, or at least not in the local area. They did find the homes of each of the members in town, and while two Thomas Sedgwick and Alex Rossetti didn’t have jobs that they needed to go to, the other two, Roscoe Molloy and Casper Brinck did have places that they work. They also noticed that Thomas Sedgwick’s home had a telephone.

The Hooverville

Jake and Ada3 head back out to the Hooverville with a quick stop at the Blue Star Dinner to ask Ida if she noticed any strange goings on the previous evening. She had not, so they continued on to the Hooverville to check-in with them. At the Hooverville, tensions were high. Everyone was on edge about the “faceless ones” that have been stalking the camp. They heard a number of conspiracy theories, each one less likely than the last. They also heard in the camp that the “faceless ones” come every couple of days and since they didn’t show up last night, that increases the odds of them showing up tonight. Finally they found out that the missing kids, Billy and Esther, still haven’t shown up.

The Accident

Katarina and Adelaide4 go visit the sight of her father’s car crash. Unfortunately there was not much to see there since it happened a several weeks ago and cleanup and time have erased most of the evidence that anything occurred. They looked at the tree that Mr. Salvatore’s car hit. The police report stating that he did not make the turn and ran into the tree. His body was then ejected from the car where he died of his injuries. The presumptive reason for not making the turn were speed and that he was drunk. When they visited his car in the impound lot, it shows damage consistent with the police report damage to the front from hitting the tree and a missing front wind shield where he exited the car. Other than that with the car having been in the impound lot for the last three weeks, there is no other evidence, or personal belongings in it.

Business Dealings

Greyson and Stefanie then traveled to the city hall and started working through the business records of the various members of the Midas Circle. This ends up with them spending a large number of hours going through all the paperwork that gets filed with the city and finding not much of anything interesting.

The Hospital

Jake and Ada next went to Bentham Hospital and talk to a Dr. Cavendish about the “illness” that has been going around the camp. Dr. Cavendish says he hasn’t seen anything like that in his patients from town, and that he doesn’t have any idea what it might be. They warn him that people with the “illness” don’t seem to react well when given alcohol,but they don’t tell him that anyone has died of it yet.

Blackhand Paperwork

At this point Katarina and Adelaide return to home and she starts going through her father’s books to find out what he was doing the night he died. After spending several hours at it, she works out that he was moving a shipment of guns. Her father was on site to pick up the shipment at the abandoned Algiers Naval Station, and was to deliver them to an “independent family of distillers” outside of New Orleans by the name of Saul Frederick. The guns arrived and were paid for, but Mr. Salvatore never made it.

The Gathering

At this point everyone meets up at a dimly lit bar at the outskirts of New Orleans called Roadhouse Bar to share information and plan what to do next. They ultimately decide to head back out to the Hooverville on the assumption that the “Faceless men” will show up again tonight.


While they are driving out to the Hooverville, on an empty stretch of road, they come upon two cars blocking the road. There are four men behind the car and one man out in front the cars with a baseball bat. The group slows down and stops as the man with the bat approaches them. Adelaide and Katarina get out of the car, as the man tells them that they have “Been sticking their noses into things that don’t concern them” and to “leave and not come back”. He then hefts the bat and starts to swing. Adelaide casts deflection on the car, but he still manages to break one of the headlights, and then moves up next to Adelaide. Jake gets out of the car summoning a cloud of smoke and darkness between their car and the gun men to cut off-line of sight and then moves behind the car. Stefanie steps out of the car and then shoots at the guy with the bat. She misses and hits the inside of the car door instead. Grayson slides over to the driver’s seat and tries to use the car as a weapon, but unfortunately he stalls the vehicle throwing Stefanie and Ada around in the car. Ada pulls out her blasting pistol and fires it at one of the armed men, and misses. After that things get even more confused. The guy with the bat clubs Adelaide and moves past her and next to Stefanie and Katarina while the others break cover and approach. And then things go bad for the goons. Katarina shoots the guy next to her taking him out, Adelaide calls forth terror from the spirit world and sends one of the gun men fleeing into the night and moves up to behind the cloud of darkness. Ada gets out of the car and shoots another of the goons catching him in the face and putting him down. Jake now lets the cloud go away. Stefanie shoots one of the two remaining goons grazing his stomach, but at least slowing him down. Adelaide pulls out her machete and approaching the last two goons cuts one of them down as the other one gets shoot again going down.

After quickly searching the bodies they find that there are two survivors which quickly gets reduced down to one who is cuffed and then healed. They now have two extra cars, but only one of them has keys. presumably the other set of keys left with the goon that fled into the night. They have two new Tommy Guns one of which is broken, and two new colt 1911 pistols.They bring the survivor around and start interrogating him. They find out he was hired by Roscoe Molloy to chase him off. After some work, they intimidate him into agreeing to spying on Roscoe. First though they have to convince him that Adelaide will not kill him if he cooperates.

And this is where the session ended.

Personal notes

I didn’t expect the players to spend nearly so much time searching for more background information, and in some cases background information that was completely irrelevant to the plot of this story, but this does gives me a couple of new cases to start breaking down so that they can be worked into the campaign, and more time to work on the two current cases that I have in the backlog to break down, so that is good. I have also started making them name places and make decisions on things that are not directly related to the story at hand with the intention of using this information to drive future plots, important locations and people. So if they want to show up at a bar that is not something that I had plans for, they have to name it. This will work similarly for other things of that nature. This is how we found out that Katarina’s father was in charge of gun running, which then opened up two new opportunities for adventures at a later date.

I feel like I did a better job of spreading the focus around this session which was something that I wanted to improve on, but I will still need to keep an eye on that. I also felt like I kept better track of which characters were in which groups and didn’t have what I think happened last week where a character jumped between locations. I am still getting used to some of the setting rules, I might need to make some note cards for the different setting rules. I am having them roll on the hit location table which will become important later as they get into more fights.

  1. Katarina has the Noble edge with its built-in Rich edge, after some math I ended up deciding it would be about $100 a week. 
  2. You can find more about the characters here 
  3. You can find more about the characters here 
  4. You can find more about the characters here 

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