Deadlands Noir Session 3 Notes

This session started where we left off with the last session. The battle with the goons just finished, and the interrogation/turning of the surviving goon completed, they move the bodies off the road and out of sight, release their mole, and continue on to the Hooverville taking the two cars used to block the road.

They park the three cars behind some trees off the road about a quarter of a mile to the Hooverville so they hopefully will not be seen, and walk the rest of the way. As they walk the light plays tricks on their eyes, they see the occasional rock that looks like a skull at first glance and some of the bushes seem to reach for them as they pass, but the journey does pass uneventfully.

They split up with Jake, Ada, and Greyson staying about a hundred yards from the camp, while Adelaide, Katarina, and Stefanie going into the camp and hiding on the side nearest the road to watch for anyone coming from that direction.

Eventually Katarina spots three figures moving towards the camp and alerts Adelaide and Stefanie of their approach. Before the figures get to camp, they split up with one going to the right, another to the left, and one maintaining their course. Stefanie ghosts after the one that went off to the right1, and Adelaide moves up to the one in the center leaving Katarina where she was.

Unfortunately both Adelaide and Stefanie were seen and their quarry drop down in the tall grass. Stefanie continued to approach where her target last was and sees him with a pistol out ready to shoot her, but she moves faster shooting him. Unfortunately the bullet only grazed his head, while he returned fire hitting her solidly in the head leaving an ugly scar. He then turns and flees back into the night.

While all of this is happening a scream goes up in the camp as someone is killed. This causes Greyson, Ada, and Jake to start rushing to the camp. Greyson quickly realizes that Stefanie was shot, so he splits off to head for her.

Adelaide then notices a swarm of insects crawling towards her, over her, and on past her. She stomps on some of them ineffectually, then moves up to where she saw the figure, but no one is there. She then heads back to Katarina.

Katarina opens up on the fleeing man with her tommy gun missing everything due to range, darkness, and the difficulty controlling her weapon. Stefanie takes off after the fleeing man shooting at him again and missing. Jake sees Stefanie move rush after the figure and decides she must be all right and turns back heading to the camp where a second scream is heard.

Katarina and Adelaide head out after Stefanie with Katarina shooting again but missing and the their target escapes into some trees and disappears.

Jake gets into camp and sees two bodies on the ground in pools of blood. He approaches them and he just catches a woman come up behind him out of the corner of his eye before she stabs him in the back and then disappears into the panicked residents of the camp, blending in seamlessly2. Ada then shows up, sees Jake down in a puddle of blood, and drags him over to the medical shack.

At this point the attack is over, the residents are still in shock and milling about. Greyson tries to get more information about what happened in the camp, and gets a mostly incoherent response about hearing a scream and seeing a woman stand over the dead man’s body, then the woman turned into the man, and as one of the members of the camp came out of her tent, the man killed her and became her. Greyson then looks around for clues and spots a curious set of tracks where a clearly barefooted female track changes between one step and the next into a shod man’s track and then into a shod woman’s track and then back into a barefooted woman’s track. At that point he losses the trail in the confusion of tracks in the camp from the panicked residents. They also recognize that the dead man is Casper Brink of the Midas circle. The woman was called Irene.

Adelaide catches up to Stefanie and after a little chanting, she heals the scar on Stefanie’s face. Then Adelaide, Stefanie, and Katarina head back to the camp.

When they get to the camp, the wake Jake up and treat what turns out to be a superficial if bloody wound. He tells them what he remembers seeing, about the woman who knifed him in the back, and then changed appearance and disappeared into the crowd. They also search through Casper’s pockets finding his ID, some house keys, $25, a rag, and a bottle of ether.

Know they are confused, because this attack didn’t match the previous ones, and they are confused as to why Casper was here and what the deal is with the Doppelganger. While discussing this they find out that Nancy who told them about the “singing monkey” is now missing.

At this point they decide to head off to Casper’s house to see if they can find any more clues as to what is going on. And that is where we ended the session.

Personal Notes

This is where the twist was thrown in. What I chose to do completely changes the flow of this story from what goes on in the source. It also gives them the opportunity to solve two different issues, the main one, and a secondary one that grew out of the first. At this point I could easily end this case on our next session, but I am not sure if I want to do that, or if I want to get one more session in since one of the player’s will be out next week. I will have to think about that. They will though receive information on what started this whole mess though.

  1. This became a theme of the night. Stefanie’s player rolled something like a 22 on her stealth roll, and then I rolled a 27 her target’s notice roll. It seemed like every time one of the player’s rolled really well, I rolled even better. The second example was Stefanie’s player shot her target in the head causing a wound that he soaked, he shot her also in the head causing two wounds (she only soaked one). This is why I try not to roll the dice, I know what my luck is with them. 
  2. The attack on Jake was a hit with a raise, and when I rolled damage see above for my luck with dice it worked out that he took six wounds. There were two attempts to soak never getting more than one wound soaked, and then since we were using the adventure cards, the player played one that allowed him to survive, but now something is going to cause him some unexpected trouble. 

Author: Hours without Sleep

I am a professional software tester, who has an interest in programming, computers, role-playing games, history, and reading in general. This is my third attempt at keeping a blog, and I am going to try putting all of my thoughts in one place, and see how it goes.

4 thoughts on “Deadlands Noir Session 3 Notes”

  1. If your die rolls are a problem, remove them from the equation (math!) Savage Worlds has a default success number (4), just use that (modified by the current situation), you don’t HAVE to make every roll for every NPC the characters interact with. This gives the players much more of a sense of accomplishment when they succeed and even more so when they get a raise (also more FFF). If your personal dice rolling is skewed too high, consider using a dice cup or dice tower to roll the dice instead. They would provide a more true random result and keep the dice from skitttering all across the table or falling to the floor. Some players could use them too (no names, please!)

    1. For the most part I do use the default success number of 4. That is how I get away with as few rolls as possible. The only time I rolled the dice in the session was for two opposed notice vs stealth, 1 soak, 2 attacks, and 2 damage rolls. I also intend to switch out my normal dice when I receive the kickstarter rewards from the double shot kickstarter and I have upped the number of dice to what I consider a full set.

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