Deadlands Noir Session 6 Notes

We start this session a couple of days after they finished dealing with the Hawkes House and at least chasing off Sedgwick, so that they could rest and recover from that case. Again they split up to try to accomplish a couple of tasks at the same time.

Stefanie and Greyson went to try to figure out what Rossetti was doing in Jefferson Parish. Katarina was desperate to figure out how he got hold of Harold Priestly (her father’s driver). Meanwhile Katarina and Adelaide tried to find out who brought the guns into town that were part of the last job her father did. Meanwhile Ada worked to secure the “eggs” that she acquired from Priestly’s body so that they hopefully wouldn’t hatch and escape.

Katarina and Adelaide were told that Mr. Salvatore and Mr. Priestly were at the pickup and that they left together. When they asked about who delivered the guns, everyone clamed up, refusing to say anymore. The only additional information that they got was if they wanted more information, they would have to speak with “Silver Dollar” Sam.

Stefanie and Greyson got some interesting information during their investigation. Rossetti left town the day before the events at the Hawkes House. They also confirm that the Midas Circle had bought the Chief of Police who would squash any criminal investigation into them.

When everyone met backup, they decided to stake out Rossetti’s house and eventually decided to break in that night after there was no activity all afternoon and evening. Stefanie went around the back and picked the lock on the back door and went in. She quickly noticed that the house was full of gas and left. Adelaide turned off the gas from outside the house and then they tried to find any information in the house before it was destroyed1.

We started off with Jake trying to clear the house of gas by creating a breeze with a small rug by flapping it in the doorway. Ada and Katarina searched the house to find the explosive device, Greyson searched for clues and Adelaide and Stefanie faced off against the walking dead. Ada and Katarina quickly found the device, and then Katarina moved to help Greyson with the search for clues while Ada worked on disarming the device and Jake switched to helping Adelaide and Stefanie against the walking dead. During the fight the walking dead mostly kept them occupied, and Jake with his eastern fighting techniques really came through there. After Grayson found some paperwork that fell behind a desk, Katarina joined the fight, but got walloped and injured2.

After the investigators finished dealing with the walking dead, they left the house. Adelaide tried to use magic to heal Katarina but failed. Katarina ended up using first aid to take care of herself. They also saw a small foot and a half tall creature light a rag wrapped stone and throw it through the window of Rossetti’s house igniting the gas that was still in the house and run off.

Adelaide took off after it and managed to catch the small wooden creature kind of like a roughly carved marionette briefly before it twisted out her grip and darted down a storm drain disappearing3. She did at least get a good look at the creature including the things demonic face. Adelaide had heard of a creature like this before and remembered it was a Nkondi and was used to extract retribution on people.

Looking through the paperwork that they rescued from the house they found a reference to someone named Simon La Roche who was being paid for something by Rossetti. Based on the amounts and costs it appeared to be some sort of drug or alcohol and not weapons. Adelaide had heard of a man by that name who had a voodoo shop in the Lower Ninth Ward.

At this point they again split up to look for more information. Ada and Jake try to dig up information on the Nkondi, while Stefanie, Adelaide and Greyson look into La Roche. Katrina meanwhile waits at a restaurant with a telephone since she didn’t want to be seen investigating La Roche.

Stefanie, Adelaide and Grayson find out that La Roche has been implicated in a number of murders around the city, but there has never been any evidence to connect him to a crime. So while there are stories of people going to him with grievances against people who later turned up dead, he was always at a party or somewhere else with any number of witnesses to alibi him. Stefanie and Adelaide then decide to enter his shop separately and see if they can gather more information. Stefanie comes off way to strong asking him about how he accomplishes his less than legal tasks, to which he responds that he has no idea what she is talking about. He suggests getting a voodoo doll if she needs to get vengeance on someone. Adelaide takes a more subtle approach looking around the shop, eventually picking up some real supplies that she needs. She recognizes that the front of the shop is full of tourist junk, and the deeper in you get the more legitimately useful items there are. When she gets to the counter, she asks about an obscure tuber that is used in some rituals that he didn’t have out. He responds that he is currently out of them, but he can give her an address where she can pick one up if she needs it in a hurry.

Jake spends most of his time while searching for information smoking and really doesn’t find anything of use. Ada on the other hand does find out a little more about the Nkondi including the fact that they were brought over from Africa. The last bit of information that she gets is a picture of Simon La Roche holding a rough carved wooden block of a Nkondi whose face matches Adelaide’s description of the one they encountered the previous night.

At the end of the days investigation, Greyson gets word that Rossetti is in New Orleans.

This is where we ended the session. I still feel the need to work on incorporating Dramatic Tasks more into my session, and to do a better job on them. I also still need to get the Chase rules down so that they are something else that I can pull out and use quickly without having to look up or ask how they work.

  1. I ran this as two Dramatic Tasks and a Fight. The first Dramatic Task was to find the clue in the house. The second Dramatic Task was to delay the houses explosion and potentially give them some extra time to complete the first Dramatic Task. And to round the whole thing off, they had five walking dead to deal with. 
  2. The first round we got one success on the bomb task and two success on the clue task. The second round we got a second success on the bomb task, but none on the clue task. On the third round, we got two more success on the bomb task and three on the clue task finishing it. On the fourth round we got another two success on the bomb task finishing it. Mostly I found that the dramatic task caused a drain on bennies. There were a number of clubs dealt during the first two rounds taking the difficulty up to -4 instead of the -2 it normally was, but they did still finish both tasks in plenty of time. 
  3. This was run as a chase task, it only one round each side did really well with their rolls. Adelaide got 3 cards and the creature got 5 one of which was a Joker. Running chases is something that I need to spend more time getting comfortable doing in addition to using the Dramatic Task rules. When planning for this session though I had planned for a Dramatic Task, just not a Chase. 

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