Impressions of Paradise Lost for Deadlands Classic and Reloaded

So yesterday I started and finished reading this adventure that was funded as part of the Deadlands Classic kickstarter. And I am happy to say, I was quite impressed with it. I knew based on the stretch goals that were unlocked that it would contain three adventures, but what I didn’t expect was that there would be so many side treks included in the local that these adventures take place in.

The book covers an area in Idaho called Paradise Valley. In this isolated mountain valley, you find ghost rock minors, a blood thirsty gang, and even more blood thirsty cult, and your average townsfolk just looking to make a living. The three adventures detailed are all in response to the cult that has taken root in the valley, but don’t let that being the only thing that you pay attention to while spending time in the valley. Plenty of the non-cultist townsfolk have secrets of their own that could bring just as much if not more trouble to the town just as easily. I will not spoil any secrets beyond this other than to say, any drifters passing through should keep an eye out for danger.

The rules in this book cover both Deadlands Classic and Deadlands Reloaded. So when you are told about the difficulty of a task, say searching for clues, you will get the Classic skill and difficulty followed by the Reloaded. For example when negotiating payment you get Onerous (7) persuasion [Persuasion (-1)]. So this gives you an idea of what the difficulties translate to between the two systems. After the adventures and setting information is presented, there are a handful of new Abominations, townsfolk, and wild cards given. Each of the Abominations are given with stat-blocks for both systems, and the townsfolk are given for Classic and a reference to where you can find their stat-block in the Reloaded rules. Following that you get the wild cards listed for each system.

The last couple of pages of the book are some quick and dirty conversion rules to move things between the two systems. I didn’t really look at this information very much. Since I have the Conversion Guide which you can get here for free.

Anyway, I just wanted to say a few things about this book considering how impressed I was by it.


Author: Hours without Sleep

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