Deadlands Noir Session 7 Notes, A Case of Nkondi Revenge

After receiving news that Alex Rossetti had been seen in town, Katarina and her crew decided to drop everything and go after him. After doing some legwork, they track down that he regularly visits Brenan’s, a restaurant in the old French Quarter. Rossetti shows up there regularly, so they go to talk to the maitre d’ and the restaurant’s manager to find out more information.

The restaurant’s manager is a fellow by the name of Sam Ward, and after a little persuasion provided by Katrina, they find out that Rossetti visits the restaurant once a week, he meets with five or so men, they have a discussion about something and then they leave. They take precautions to minimize the chance that they are overheard by anyone, so none of the servers know what they discuss. The men he meets with seem to rotate with each week having a different group even if an individual member shows up on back to back weeks. Oh and his next visit is tomorrow.

Jake hits the books going to the local city assessor’s office and starts working through the property records to try and find out if Rossetti has a house in town, while Stefanie, Katarina, and Adelaide hit the streets checking the various local hotels to see if Rossetti is staying at one of them. Unfortunately Stefanie, Katarina, and Adelaide strike out since Rossetti is not staying at a hotel in town, but Jake does find the address of a house owned by the same company as the house that was in Jefferson Parish.

When they meet back up at the end of the day to share information, they decide to go stake out the house for a while. They see someone’s shadow occasionally move past different windows so they are fairly sure someone is in the house. Stefanie sneaks around to see what the back of the house looks like. It is all very uneventful, and the lights go off at around 11 o’clock. They continue to observe the house for a while just to make sure that whoever is in there isn’t trying to sneak out or something and then they go home for the night planning to return in the morning.

The next morning they arrive and continue to watch the house. They do occasionally see Rossetti move past a window, so they know he is in the house. Around two in the afternoon, he leaves the house locking it behind him gets his car out of the garage closing that up and drives off. He makes two stops, one at a cleaners and the other at a drug store. Neither stop takes long, but with the amount of time that they do take as well as the drives between them, the group stops following him so that Jake and Stefanie can get changed to stake out the interior of the restaurant when he shows up.

So they arrive at Brenan’s. Jake and Stefanie go in and get a table as close to where Rossetti’s normal table and wait. Meanwhile Adelaide and Katarina wait out in the car keeping an eye on things outside. They are shocked to see that Rossetti is not accompanied by body guards as he walks into the restaurant. As Adelaide and Katarina continue to watch the outside, Adelaide spots four others who enter the restaurant who look like potential people who Rossetti would be meeting. Unfortunately none of them are familiar to Katarina.

Inside the restaurant Jake and Stefanie try to ease drop on Rossetti’s table as the four people who Adelaide suspected join Rossetti in the corner. They can’t hear much and Jake is too distracted by the meal and the company to hear anything, but Stefanie hears something about a meeting in two weeks and that the money has to be ready. Eventually two of the men get up and leave, but one trips on the way bumping into a table where two other men are having a meal. Stefanie notices that a note is left at the table as does Adelaide from outside. Stefanie then gets up and moves through the restaurant “looking for the restroom” and passes by the table, but the note is no longer there. After Stefanie gets back to her table, Rossetti and the two men at his table get up to leave as do the two that received the note. After they leave, Jake and Stefanie get up and leave as well.

From the outside, Katarina and Adelaide watch the two men leave the restaurant and head down the street and around the corner out of sight. After the final five leave, they turn and head the opposite direction Rossetti and the two with him well in front of the two at the other table. Stefanie walks after Rossetti as Jake goes to the car with Katarina and Adelaide are in to give them an update.

At this point two guys men that left Brenan’s first come back around the corner and open fire on the car with Katarina and Adelaide in it as Jake is also getting in. This angers Katarina and Adelaide so they drive the car after the two gunmen who have already moved back around the corner and out of sight. Unfortunately Adelaide’s first plan which was to run the two men down is blocked by the parked cars between her and the men moving down the sidewalk. So she stops and they all get out of the car. Katarina shoots first missing. They turn and return fire damaging the car’s radiator and destroying a tire. They also continue down the street. Adelaide gets out of the car and shoots one killing him, and Jake gets out of the car and tries to sneak around them. Unfortunately he twists his ankle and hobbles after them. The surviving gun man picks up the dead man’s tommy gun and goes around the corner and gets into his car and drives off as Jake tries to create a smoke cloud in the car with him1. Katarina and Adelaide both reacting to slow do not get any shots off at the fleeing car. Adelaide goes through the corpse’s pockets get his ID and a motor hotel room key.

Meanwhile Stefanie continues to follow the other five. The two trailing men turn around putting their hands under their coats as if reaching for a weapon, while Rossetti and the two with him duck round a corner and get out of sight. Stefanie rushes past these two pulling her pistol but by the time she catches up to where Rossetti turned, the men are driving off already and she fails to catch the license plate in the dark. She the rushes back to where she last saw the other two men, and they are nowhere to be found. She then heads back to everyone else

Adelaide after starting to head after Stefanie, ends up having to come back and drive Katarina’s car away before the police arrive2. They park it in an alley and walk to a phone so that they can call some mob contacts to pick it up and get it repaired and take them to Katarina’s home to pick up one of the other cars that they have acquired.

They track down the motor hotel that the dead gunman was staying at and then drive out to it to try to find out what is going on. After a quick tossing of the room by Stefanie, Adelaide, and Katarina, they left Jake outside to keep watch, they have found nothing. Unfortunately a police car has shown up though and the two officers get out of the car cuffing Jake3 and proceeding to bang on the door. Stefanie exits the building through the narrow bathroom window first, and is followed by Katarina. The cops break open the door and one of them enters the room spotting Adelaide. Jake creates a cloud of smoke and darkness in the room without the cop restraining him being aware of it. He is then taken and placed in the back seat of the cop car while the cop in the room fumbles his way out of the darkness. Adelaide uses this time to finish her escape out the back window and join Stefanie and Katarina. As the cops watch the room, Jake slips the handcuffs, and when his spell ends, and the cops move back into the room, he sneaks out of the car and joins the rest of the group as they disappear into the night.


This felt like an odd session to me. None of it went where I expected it to go. Whenever I think they are going to take more direct action, the players seem to want to go after something that is more tangential. In this sessions case, I expected them to go after Rossetti, but instead they went after the gunman that they killed. It was also a little odd that we were down two players. In some ways that did make things easier to handle, but in other ways, some of the skills that their characters bring to the table would have made things easier. Anyway, Jake and Adelaide are now wanted by the cops for breaking and entering and accessory to breaking and entering.

  1. This was Jake’s attempt to cast Obscure inside the car with the gunman. He succeeded in the casting, but instead of an opposed agility roll, I gave the driver an opposed driving roll, and the driver won the roll and so the car didn’t become a moving cloud of smoke and darkness. 
  2. Currently we only have two characters with the driving skill Ada and Adelaide, and I figured since the car was pretty beat up at this point that getting it to start-up, driving it to an alley, and parking it there needed some successful driving skill rolls, so Adelaide ended up having to do it. 
  3. This is part of the repercussions of Jake playing the card to survive the fight with the shape-shifter in Session 3 

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