Deadlands Noir Session 8 Notes

Session Notes: We had several players unable to attend this week, as well as one player dropping out of the game due to my rusty/inexperience running Savage Worlds. Those players that did show up had a discussion about it, and we worked somethings out and I am going to continue working on the issues that were brought up, but that is the subject of a different post.

We started with the Ada, Stefanie, Adelaide and Katarina calmly driving away from the cops at the hotel as the cops try to figure out what happened and where the suspects went.

There was some discussion about what to do next, and they ended up deciding to go back to the restaurant and ask about the two guys sitting at the other table. Ada also spent some time tinkering with some components to build a ghost rock power tracking device that will be good for about an hour1.

So the next day they show up at the Brenan’s and talk with the maitre d’ and manager. They get the name of one of the men from the second table.

Then Katarina went to look up Brett Easterbrook in the newspaper archives to try to get more information on him. Meanwhile Ada and Adelaide went to Rossetti’s house and kept it under observation. Around mid morning, they saw Rossetti leave his house alone again, get in his car and drive off, so they decided to break in.

After Adelaide kicked in the back door, they searched through his office, and found a fair amount of correspondence with people in New York as well as with Senator Huey Long. Ada also found an unusually well-thumbed copy of Voltaire’s Candid in the office which they thought was odd, so they took it.

Upstairs, they found five hundred US dollars under the bed mattress. Then they proceeded up to the attic where they found a man chained up to the house that was quite obviously drugged. They also found a chair and a small table with a small jar of a black liquid on it. They unlocked the man, grabbed the drug, and stuffed the man in the trunk of their car.

Then they proceeded to rig the light switch to cause a short when it was turned on and then opened up all of the gas in the house so that it would explode when someone entered the house latter.

At this point Ada and Adelaide drove off to drop the guy at Greyson’s place so that he could watch him while he came down from whatever he was on, then they went to help Katarina with her research.

The mentioned some of the things that they did at Rossetti’s house, but they did omit the setting the house up to explode. Eventually with the extra help they did find more information on Brett Easterbrook, most of which was information that they could have guessed (he is a low-level bodyguard and strong man with a couple of drunk and disorderly, breaking and entering, and brawling arrests), but it did give them the needed clues to start asking around on the street and track him down.

So after that they tracked Brett down to a dive bar called Mossetti’s. Katarina dressed down for the occasion and after Adelaide verified that he was in, Katarina proceeded to get him drunk and get him to follow her out to the car where they took him at gun point to an abandoned warehouse to interrogate.

From him, they learned that Rossetti wanted a meeting to find out what they wanted with him. That he was upset with the two gunmen that had opened fire on them the other night. And that if they wanted to know what the money was needed for in two weeks, they would need to ask Rossetti or one of his most trusted lieutenants and messengers Greg Nelson and Ingo Beyer.

They left Brett in the warehouse, though Adelaide does take a lock of his hair, and this is where we ended it from the character’s point of view.


I wasn’t as prepared for this session as I would have liked. In fact I left the notebook that I usually use at home so, I ended up using a blank index card that I had and a pencil to take notes which ended up being much harder to read later than I had expected (pencil lead doesn’t show up well on a purple background). There was some concern from Katarina’s player about how the investigation would continue if Rossetti died, and to be fair, I wasn’t sure either. I did later come up with a way, but as it turned out it wasn’t necessary. I did have the players decide who would roll for the damage the house explosion would do and how big it was. Katarina’s player rolled for both and it came out to 5d6 damage and enough to kill a him, but with two attempts from the GM’s pool of bennies, he managed to soak enough damage to just end up hospitalized.

One of the things that I have seen come up in other Deadlands games and I wanted to try to make sure didn’t come up in this one is the lack of down time for the Patent Scientists/Mad Scientists. So I am trying to include down time as a matter of course. The other thing was the lack of rules for building weird (read non power) items. Things like the tracking device that didn’t get used. For that I intend to let the player roll their Weird Science skill and a success gets them the device, and raises can be spent to improve it, but the device will only be available for that session, though its effect may be shorter if it is used. So while the tracking device would function for an hour, since the session is over, it has deteriorated to the point that it doesn’t function, but can be re-built with a new skill roll2.

One of the things we covered in the discussion before the session began was how I wasn’t interested in tracking certain resources. I know that goes against the setting troupes for the Depression Era/Noir, but I just don’t feel that it adds anything to the game. So, I told the players that they have unlimited ammo for their guns (they do have to reload, but I am not going to make them track the rounds in the box that they bought). That they can basically buy anything that costs $25 or less once a session, and if they want to buy something more expensive, we will discuss how to “save up” for it. The last bit is that I don’t care what they have, but I do want to know if anyone starts buying/carrying around explosives.

The last thing is since I have issues with coming up with names on the fly, I started using the names on the backer page of the Deadlands Noir book, and that helped. I will now need to print off a copy of it so I can start marking them out as I use them.

  1. This item was loosely based on the Fare Sight power, and with the raise spent to increase the range. 
  2. This doesn’t include those devices built as a part of a power. 

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