Deadlands Noir Session 9 Notes

This session had a lot of investigation and background information collection. We started off with Greyson, Katarina, Adelaide, and Stefanie questioning the boy who was chained up in Rossetti’s attic.

What they found was that Jacques was a student at Tulane University, and that he was addicted to the drug called “the Black” that the group has been hearing rumors about for a while. The find out that the drug causes hallucinations, allowing the user to “see the unseen world around them”. They also find out that Rossetti was giving him the drug, and made the assumption that this was to find out the concentration needed to not cause a fatal overdose. Since Jacques would not give up his supplier, they decided to release him and follow him to see who he got his next fix from.

Stefanie tailed him back to a park at the edge of campus where he sat on a bench nervously looking around while he waited. Eventually another student showed up and Jacques approached him. There was an animated discussion, but eventually the new person ended up shoving Jacques to the ground and rushing away while Jacques was still getting up. Stefanie followed the new student into a dorm and from there up to his room. She knocked on his door, and forced her way into his room.

She asked about the drug and he gave her a sample, “the first one’s free, after that they are $30 each. She also noticed that this new person also had the tale tell sign of a user with a black tongue. She also got more confirmation of what the drug does. He would not give out the name of his supplier. After that she left to join up with the others. While Greyson continued his stake out of the distributor for a while, though he quickly got bored following him around as he made drug deals. He was hoping to find the source, but Greyson eventually realized that the dealer had enough of the drug to not need more today.

Ada spent some time analyzing the sample that they got from Rossetti, and while she did get some information, that it was an organic compound suspended in common alcohol, she didn’t find anything particularly useful. She did want someone to take the drug though and look at the crystalline eggs that came from Harold Priestly’s dust, but no one agreed to that.

Next they went to the hospital where Rossetti was recovering. Katarina turned on the charm at while talking to the two guards standing outside the door, and one of them went into the room to see if Rossetti would see them. The guard came out and told them that the boss would see her in five minutes, he just needed to finish up with someone else first. A couple of minutes later a local reporter left the room and they were allowed in.

Rossetti was badly burned from the explosion, and was covered in bandages. He was sitting up in bed. He greeted them and after a little patter, they got down to business with him wanting to know why they were investigating him. Katarina asked him if he knew her father Carmine Salvatore1, which he did not other than by reputation. She then asked what he had to do with Harold Priestly, to which he responded he was doing a contact a favor by disposing of him. When asked about this contact, he told her that the information would cost them.

He then asked them to collect some money that was owed him $5000 in total from the Gauthier Loupiac family who lived out in the swamps of southwest Louisiana between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. If they did that, he would tell them who asked them to dispose of the driver. They agreed to do this job, and left his room. Outside the reporter was still there finishing up some notes.

After this there was a lot of discussion about what to do. The characters were conflicted about if they should do the job, if they should just steal the money and say they did the job, if they did the job what would be the best way to go about it. They also did some research and found out that this family was very isolationist living in the swaps and not interacting with outsiders very much anymore. They used to make money by selling moonshine to the northerners, but with the end of prohibition, that came to an end. Members of the family did still get in trouble from time to time with brawling and making a nuisance of themselves, but they did not have relatives in the local police. They did gather that there were about ten adults and as many as twenty kids in the group. After much dithering and planing and contemplating options, they ended up deciding to attack the family. They didn’t believe that the family would just turn over the money that was owed. So they hired four guys for extra muscle and traveled out to the land that the family lived on.

They sneaked up on the camp and Adelaide cast fear on a group by some lean-tos causing three of the four to flee into the swamp. Stefanie shot the oldest looking man who was near the house while one of the muscle shot and missed someone else nearby. Katarina then ordered them to surrender, and hand over the money owed to Rossetti and they would let them live. She also offered to heal the old man who was shot. At this point everyone fled into the swamp leaving the badly wounded old man to the tender mercies of the Katarina’s crew.


There was a lot of discussion about being members of the Black Hand and working for a member of the Five Families. I wanted this discussion to take place because I thought it would be interesting to see how they resolve the conflicting loyalties, and introduce future complications.

  1. We finally got to learn the name of Katarina’s father in this session. Her player had forgotten to name him, and didn’t realize it until she went to ask Rossetti about him and realized he didn’t have a name. So yes, the father without a name has been the driving force behind this campaign. 

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