Deadlands Noir Session 10 Notes

We started this session with the finishing of the fight in the camp with one of their hirelings rushing up and cracking the last of the people upside the head with a pair of brass knuckles sending him sprawling into unconsciousness. Then they drug him over to the wounded patriarch and began questioning him.

What they found out was that there was no money in the camp, but that they took all that they earned to “Ma and Pa” in the swamp. Gauthier offered to take them to see Ma and Pa so they could ask them for the money that was owed. After some discussion they decided to take Gauthier up on that offer of taking them into the swamp. Gauthier then asked if they could take the “meat” with them referring to the one member of the camp that they killed instead of chased off or captured. Again there was some group discussion before they decided to let Gauthier and the other take the body with them.

A little over an hour later, after hiking through the swamp, they reached what appeared to be an overgrown, moss and vine-covered wall from a collapsed building. After walking a little way around the wall, they came to an opening.

At this point they stop Gauthier and get him to draw a map of the building which he does, and they have him try to call Ma and Pa out which again he does, but as he told them they don’t come. They have Gauthier and the other survivor throw the “meat” into the building and watch it for a while, but nothing happens. We then have a long conversation about what to do next, what to do with the prisoners. One suggestion was to handcuff the younger clan member to a tree while they explore the ruined building. Another was to handcuff him to the “meat” that was carried through the swamp. Eventually Adelaide just shoots him in the head killing him because the discussion just keeps going round and round without any decisions being made1.

After that they have Gauthier lead them into the building, so he grabs the new “meat” and the old “meat” and drags them further into the building as everyone else follows him. Once inside they can definitely smell rotting and decomposing flesh around them. As they walk further in, they get to some crumbling/ruined walls and he collapses to his knees in the mud and muck and starts muttering something with words in French, Spanish and English. Adelaide jerks on the lead she put on him to try to get him to stop, and when he doesn’t, she shoots him in the head with her shotgun.

After that they notice several bloated, rotting bodies approaching from various locations further in the building. Ada opens fire with her burster pistol and it rips two of them apart with its strange extra-dimensional forces. Greyson, Stefanie and Katarina open fire at them with pistols and a tommy gun, but quickly find that those weapons don’t seem to have an effect. At this point Adelaide realizes these creatures are Bloats and that they are extremely resistant to piercing attacks, but vulnerable to alcohol. She then decides to drop her shotgun and pull out her machete and announces this to everyone else. The Bloats move in and start attacking everyone. They are mostly ineffective, but then most of the heroes are similarly ineffective. Adelaide attempts to cast a spell at one point during their fighting withdrawal, but the loa are not pleased with her and she ends up fatigued from the effort. Eventually everyone makes it back to the entrance of the building using that as a defensive position. For the most part Ada and her amazing burster pistol does the Bloats in.

After a couple of rounds of battle with Adelaide buffing Greyson and Katarina with various spells, they here a deep-throated roar. Greyson tried bashing one of the Bloats with the but of his tommy gun after having his strength increased, but his grip on the gun slipped and he ended up throwing it into one of their hirelings stunning him. Then two hulking bipedal alligator people approach from opposite sides along the inner wall. The first one grabbed the stunned hireling and ripped him apart. The other swung and missed Katarina. At this point they had killed all but one of the Bloats and now had two Letiches to deal with, and Ada’s burster pistol was out of power. Things took a grimmer turn when one of the Letiches wailed on Adelaide wounding her and then Greyson opened up with his newly recovered tommy gun on full auto at a Letiche catching both it and Adelaide. Luckily Adelaide wasn’t hurt, but neither was the Letiche. Katarina finishes off the last Bloat. Ada switched to her bolter pistol and unloaded on one of the Letiches with three shots causing major burns and doing significant wounds to it. Stefanie moved to shoot the uninjured Letiche, but again failed to hurt it, but since the wounded one recovered from its shock, she stayed next to it. At this point the remaining hirelings opened fire on the wounded one, and it went down under a hail of gunfire. The last Letiche took another swipe at Katarina, and then started fleeing along the wall shrugging off the ineffectual blows from Katarina and Adelaide. And this is where the session ended for the night.


I didn’t expect the Bloats to last as long as they did. Adelaide’s great roll to recognize them, identified their weakness as well as their resistance to piercing damage which makes most guns ineffective against them. Most of them ended up getting taken down by Ada’s burst power, but a couple got taken out by improvised melee attacks with pistols and tommy gun. I also expected the players to finish this fight and get the money to trade for the information that Rossetti has, but that will now end up happening next session.

I need to start encouraging the players to make decisions faster instead of dithering about what to do in any situation especially when it is less about the role-playing and more about the players. Which will probably involve offering bennies to those with the appropriate hindrances.

  1. This was what a lot of the session ended up being. A lot of talking about what to do and very little doing. In fact I had expected the group to finish the basis of this story up this session, but with the amount of dithering that happened, we didn’t get anywhere near as far as I expected. 

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