Deadlands Noir Session 11 Notes

We started off with the conclusion of the battle between the investigators and “Ma”. Greyson shot “Ma” wounding her. She continues to move away seeking cover behind a tree, unfortunately that didn’t do her much good because after Katarina shot and missed, Ada finished her off with her bolter pistol.

They then began searching the building for the money that they were told should be here that was owed to Rossetti. Eventually they found it behind a discolored stone set in the wall at the back of the building in about three feet of muddy water. After opening the locked box they found that they had the money that they were looking for and a couple of thousand dollars extra in addition.

During their hike back to the camp and then the boat that they hired, Katarina started getting sick and ended up feeling miserable by the time they got back to her house. They called in a doctor who prescribed some medicine and told her to rest for a couple of days and she would be fine.

The next day she was doing much better so they decided to take the money to Rossetti and get the information they were looking for in exchange. When they arrived at his hospital room, there were two different men guarding the door. Katarina told them that Rossetti was expecting them, and after checking, Katarina, Adelaide and Stefanie went in.

After some repartee, they make the trade with Katarina learning that Rossetti was asked by Simon La Roche to dispose of Harold Priestly in exchange for La Roche doing something for Rossetti, but Rossetti did not tell them what he got out of the deal. He did offer to tell them if they did him another favor. “I don’t just give away information, it has value, and if you want it, you will have to do something for me.” He then pointed out that if something bad were to happen to him, they would be in for all kinds of grief1.

Since some of them had met with Simon before, they decided to look up someone who knew him so that they could get an introduction and to potentially show up having something that Simon wants to trade for the information that they are looking for. So after a bit of legwork, they find out about someone named George Viscount who rumor has it would be the one to know what he might want.

They start to work on a plan to get what they want from George, but then decide to skip him and go straight to Simon to just get the information from him 2. They had Greyson and Ada watch the back door, Stefanie to watch the front door and Adelaide and Katarina went in to talk to him and get the information. As Adelaide enters, she flips the open sign to closed, and while she is doing that, Simon gets up from behind his desk takes a further into a shop, and opens a door that no one noticed during their last visit to the shop and steps through it into what should have been the shop next door to his. When Adelaide got to the door and looked in, she saw it opened onto an alley way between two skyscrapers and it was nighttime wherever it was.

So she calls out and Greyson breaks the back door open and Ada and he enters, while Stefanie enters through the front door and they all gather to look through the door. After a little experimentation, Ada, Stefanie, and Greyson decide to go through.

They explore a little bit of the alleyway that ends on one side in a cul-du-sac and a cross street at the other end. They notice that the while the buildings seem to extend perfectly straight up, they also seem to loom over them as well. As they slowly move to the street, the city is freakishly quiet. No one seems to live in it, though there are electric lights that are on that extend down the street.

They cross the street and Stefanie breaks into a building, they find a wall of small boxes on one side. Stefanie opens one and finds some letters in it without any addresses or dates on them. They take an elevator up to the next floor and break into a small apartment that they search briefly before they hear a ticking that is approaching. They split up and get ready for something to show up.

As the ticking gets louder, they start hearing footsteps with it, and then they see man with a clock face wearing a police officer’s uniform enter the door pulling out his truncheon. Ada shoots it with her blaster, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. A second one also with its truncheon out is behind it.

The two clockwork officers entered the apartment telling Ada and Greyson they were under arrest by the authority of Officer Clock (Stephanie had hidden earlier) and then swung their truncheons missing. Ada shot again with her blaster pistol taking out one of the clockwork officers and Stephanie shot the other one taking it down. They then approached and started to search the bodies when they noticed that they were still ticking. They hurriedly pulled the windup keys from their backs and when the ticking still had not stopped, fled the building before the clockwork cops got back up. As they made it back to the doorway that they had used to enter this strange world, they saw the clockwork men exit the building across the street. They fled back into the shop and closed the door which then disappeared leaving everyone puzzled.

While all of this was going on Adelaide spent time searching the shop finding two vials of “The Black” and she also ended up taking some supplies that would be useful for her faith. When everyone was back in the shop, they left more confused now than before.

Once outside, they noticed that there was an extra window into what should be the shop, but instead it showed a twisted, darkened version of the street behind them. Those people on their side of the window seemed to be subconsciously moving away from the window or at least not looking in its direction. Katarina broke the window revealing the wall of the building behind it. Stefanie realized that the fear in this area was corrupting reality and that there would be other such anomalies if it wasn’t dealt with. They decided that they needed to talk with George and find out more about Simon.

And that is where we left it for the night.


I didn’t expect the players to look for someone who knew Simon so I wasn’t prepared for the introduction of George. I had expected them to go straight at Simon.

The whole scene in the shop ended up being to introduce them more to the concepts of rising fear levels altering reality and to add some of the ideas that sounded cool from Don’t Rest Your Head’s Mad City which I think could give some expanded areas for horror to Deadlands Noir

I also asked before we started the session if anyone would be offended if I brought in a cult that is based on corrupted Christian beliefs, I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t offend anyone with some ideas that have been percolating lately which is a good practice.

  1. They had forgotten that they were seen entering Rossetti’s hospital room by a couple of news paper men, and so there would be a story in the papers connecting them to him if he died and would cause all kinds of problems for them. 
  2. Since we use the Adventure Cards, and one of the players realized that they had a card that would allow them to get all the information from someone who they could just play on Simon, so they dropped the George line. 

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