Deadlands Noir Session 12 Notes

We start of the session with the group deciding to go back to George and using him to try to set up a meeting with Simon. They find George hustling people at pool in the bar. Stefanie and Katarina approach him after he finishes his current game and Stefanie plays him in a game, while Katarina engages him in some small talk. After a close game1, Stefanie finally beats George and wins the bet.

While Stefanie and Katarina take him to the bar for a drink, Greyson who bet that Stefanie would win her game, uses some of his winnings to try to hustle someone else. He unfortunately looses the first game, but makes his money back on the second. Meanwhile there is some banter going on between Stefanie, Katarina, and George which eventually leads them to agree to pay him ten dollars five now and five when they get the location to set up a meeting between them and Simon. After that he leaves the bar to get to set this up.

Shortly after that the group leaves the bar with Stefanie and Katarina going to Kelley Collins, their normal bar to hang out in. Meanwhile Ada, Adelaide, and Greyson go to Ada’s place to do an experiment with “The Black”.

They handcuff Ada to the furniture and she tries to take a small drop of “The Black” so that she can look at the crystalline eggs that they found in the Priestly’s remains. After taking this drug, she watches as the table on which the crystalline eggs are contained dissolves, then as she looks down she notices her arms dissolve. Next she starts noticing threatening shadowy figures in the room with her. Ada then starts searching for her weapons. What Greyson and Adelaide see is that one moment she is handcuffed to the furniture, and then somehow the handcuffs are on the floor still attached to the furniture and Ada is getting up, pawing around for her weapons. At this point they move into action with Adelaide punching Ada attempting to subdue her while Greyson grabs Ada’s weapons and getting them out of her reach. While she continued to search for them. After that, Adelaide decided that physical action wasn’t going to solve the problem so she called forth the healing power of the loa to purge the poison from Ada’s system which brought her down. After they were sure Ada was clean of the drug, they realized that the rest of the dose was gone.

At this point, they leave Ada for the night with Greyson going to get some Chinese food while Adelaide joins Katarina and Stefanie at Kelley Collins.

The next evening they go to meet with George to find out where they need to meet Simon. He gives them a location and time, takes the rest of his money and leaves. The location is a large mostly unused warehouse. They arrive early, to scout the place out, but find that he is already in the warehouse sitting on the steps that lead to the second floor office. Katarina and Adelaide drive into the warehouse while everyone else makes sure that there is no one else outside.

There is some banter between Katarina and Simon, where she misinterprets his references to “pay” to refer to money. He does tell her that he is not a fan of the organization she belongs to, the Black Hand, or the Five Families, or the Irish Mob2. He then proceeds to tell her, that she should leave town, that things are going to get very bad in town with a war breaking out between the various factions for power. She also finds out that the death of her father and Priestly were just to raise the tensions between the Black Hand and the Five families.

While the conversation is going on inside the warehouse, Stefanie has moved to the rear of the building, and sneaks in a small door there. Greyson climbs the fire escape and looks into the office. At this point a shot rings out in the warehouse and Simon’s head explodes sending blood and bone fragments towards Katarina.

Stefanie having gotten into the building without being noticed, moves to one of the corners and finds herself in the midst of five walking dead. At this point combat breaks out with a bunch of walking dead attacking Stefanie, and bunch more in the two other lower level corners of the building moving towards Katarina and Adelaide. The group that was in the office start reaching out through the windows attempting to knock Greyson off the fire escape.

Stefanie shoots one hitting it in the head by accident rather than intent and it goes down. Greyson shoots one, but doesn’t hurt it. Ada who rushes in shoot at a couple and hits one with her blaster pistol killing it then gets in the car to provide more light for Katarina and Adelaide. Adelaide casts deflection on herself and moves between Katarina and where the shot came from.

When the car gets pointed in the direction that the shots came from, there is nothing there. Adelaide then casts deflection on Katarina which causes the next shot to miss her. Reinforcements3 show up for the group and they start shooting at the closest group of walking dead. Causing one to go down. Unfortunately, after a little bit, it gets back up and continues to go after them. Greyson distracts one of his assailants causing it to hinder the rest, and then slides down the fire escape to run out to his car. A couple more of the dead, go down, but even after that they start moving because they were not hit in the head.

Katarina runs off after the wooden doll that shot at her. She knocks a crate over onto it trying to trap it under that. Ada uses the car to run over some of the walking dead, but that doesn’t seem to stop them either. The the crate that the wooden doll is under is violently thrown off, and the doll charges forward pulling out a knife. Two of the walking dead also approach her. About this time things go bad. Katarina gets hit by all fighting her, with each one wounding her a little more. one of their reinforcements gets killed by the walking dead and one that was put down got back up to rejoin the fight. Greyson who had gotten into his car tried ramming it through the warehouse door to start mowing down the dead with it, flinched at the last instant and ran his car into the outside wall wrecking it4. The only thing that mostly went well is that Stefanie took down enough of the dead around her that she could get out of the middle of the pack she was fighting.

And that is where the session ended.


I knew the player had gotten the Love Interest card and that they were nervous about using it because of how things turned out in the last campaign. So I had some time while waiting for everyone to show up to figure out how to work it into the session. Ultimately it did change the battle from one between the group and two wild cards and sixteen walking dead to one between one wild card and sixteen walking dead, plus some information that no one else that they knew of would have. I told the group that it would impact things, and that they would be able to get some special information from using it when I warned them about the card not being usable once a fight broke out.

I wanted these walking dead to be a little tougher than usual, so I only had them “die” if they went down due to a head wound. Stefanie’s first shot was to the head by luck, but after that they did not seem to get accidental head shots. I also did not give bonus damage to accidental head shots, but would give it to them if they aimed for the head. So if enough damage was done to take them out, but not to the head, they would recover on the roll of a four on a d4. This is not something that I would always do, but I did want this to be a special battle and since we are supposed to be using the damage location rules anyway, it didn’t add much to the player’s end of things. If they try to take one out that is down, but not dead, it will be an automatic success, but so far they have not done so.

  1. I setup the game as a three round test best two out of three wins, I decided pool would be an agility test unless you had a billiards skill which was largely a NPC only skill that I gave Georges, but if a player wants to buy the skill, I would certainly let them. 
  2. As the conversation starts to get more tense, I tell Katarina’s player that if she wants to use the Adventure Card Love Interest, it must be done before combat starts, otherwise it can’t be used on Simon. After some discussion with the group, the card does get used, and that changed the nature of this confrontation. 
  3. This was the most adventure cards played in one night for our group with six cards total with several of them being of the get more cards option or search for a card to play option. The Love Interest, Allies and one to remove the wounds that Katrina was to suffer, and to unshake all of the allies. 
  4. This was the final round for the night with me getting a Joker and Greyson’s player getting a critical failure on his drive roll. 

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