Deadlands Noir Session 13 Notes

Session Notes: We had a couple of players unable to attend this week. So we just ignored the fact that they were in the battle from last session, this was moderately easy to do since they were both in isolated areas of the battle (one outside in the car that they wrecked and the other at the far end of the warehouse fighting an isolated group of zombies which I also ignored).

The battle continued to go well for our investigators with Ada’s use of her burster gun being instrumental in taking out most of the dead as well as the wooden puppet monster. Unfortunately once she had accomplished this, her burster gun rain out of juice, and she had to switch to her bolter pistol. Once the number of opponents got reduced, the group started knocking them down and then taking out the head so that they would stop getting back up. The walking dead did manage to take out one more of the reinforcements that showed up before they were completely defeated.

After the battle they found out why the reinforcements showed up at all. The boss, Sam “Silver Dollar” Carolla wanted to see them. So they cleaned up some and went to talk to him. Silver Dollar wanted to know why they had been seen associating with members of the Five Families and the Red Sect, in addition to why they had done a job for the Five Families. Katarina told Silver Dollar that she was investigating her father’s death and the trail had led through the Five Families and to the Red Sect. Silver Dollar then wanted to know if she had dealt with her father’s killer yet. She said that she is working on it and that while she knows that the Red Sect is involved, she does not know who is ultimately responsible.

Silver Dollar then tells the group that he has a job for them since they are doing such a good job at investigating things. He wants them to find the source of “The Black” drug. He tells them that he had set a fixer by the name of Dylan “Sharky” Malone to track this down, but it appears that he became addicted to the drug and had stopped providing information and was now living homeless moving from shelter to shelter throughout New Orleans. He was most frequently spotted at one of the many shelters run by the Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord. As Silver Dollar was giving them this job he rolled a vial of “The Black” onto the table which caused Ada to react strongly1 and for Adelaide to notice. Katarina picked up the vial and put it away.

They did a little looking into the church that runs these shelters. The church itself operated out of an old building that was mixed usage with businesses as well. They also learned that the church ran a lot of soup kitchens and shelters around the city and that they are very well-regarded. At this point they all decide to go home and get some rest. At this point Adelaide informs Katarina that she thinks Ada might try getting more of the Black from the dealer that they followed a couple of days ago potentially ruining their investigation. So Adelaide and Katarina drive out to the dealer’s dorm, meanwhile Ada catches a taxi and heads out to the dealer’s dorm room as well. In the end Adelaide and Katarina take Ada back to Katarina’s home to keep her away from any more of the drug for now.

Katarina assigns to goons to patrol the outside of the house to keep Ada from sneaking off during the night to try again. Unfortunately one of the guards is Tony Fellini who is willing to do Ada a favor for some alone time together2. Unfortunately the other guard never notices that Tony has left his post to get Ada the drug or notice when he gets back with the drug for Ada. Ada decides to wait to take the drug for when she gets home to do some “scientific tests” with it.

When everyone wakes up, Adelaide and Katarina decide to stake out the dealer, Steve Howell and eventually snatch him. Katarina uses her charisma to persuade him to come with her, and they take him to an abandoned warehouse to try to question him. Unfortunately they find out that he is more scared of the supplier than he is of anything that they might do to him. So, Adelaide terrifies him and they let him escape with the hope of following him to his supplier.

And this is where we ended the session.


This was the completion of the last case and the start of another case. I wasn’t sure how Ada was going to react to the craving for more Black, but that is definitely going to be an interesting wrench thrown in all of the plans now until the group breaks her of that. Though I don’t want this to kill Ada either so I am hoping the group will step up and deal with this issue. Especially since her player played the Love Interest card on one of the guards. So I need to make a card for Tony Fellini with at least some stats since he is now going to be a reoccurring character. I also need to make a card for generic mob goons since they keep having them as extra muscle.

  1. When Ada took the drug last session she became both psychologically and physically addicted to it. Adelaide’s healing her of the poison removed the physical addiction, but not the psychological addiction. 
  2. Ada’s player got the Love Interest card and played it on one of the guards to get him to get her the Black. 

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