A Case of Nkondi Revenge Postmortem

This string of sessions for this case definitely had its highs and lows. It was during this case that we had a player drop out for reasons, and I have started trying to be better based on some of the issues reported by the player that left the game for why as well as feedback from the group in general. I have not done everything I wanted to, and I should make time to question the players about any changes or improvements that I need to make in one of the upcoming sessions.

In the category of highs, I really liked how the dramatic tasks that I put together at the beginning of this session worked out. I think it worked well with the size of the group to have two tasks and a combat all occurring at the same time with the size of the group to keep things interesting. Unfortunately I did not make more use of the dramatic tasks rules after that, things never really seemed to come up where that would be useful. The one thought that I had for expanding the use is one that I am hesitant to implement and that is for research.

My idea for using it for research would be to limit the information that is available for non-dramatic tasks to very general background information, and making any major clues only be found with the dramatic task rules. My problem is that I never want to end up in a place where the characters fail to find a clue that is needed to move the story along so this will remain an area that I need to think about.

I also really enjoyed getting the group to work with the Five Families and how that will cause problems due to their connection to the Black Hand. I wanted to continue get the players tangled in competing factions. I am also interested see how the characters deal with the addiction that one of them developed to “The Black”. As well as how that character will deal with their Love Interest.

Of the things that I was not as happy about, I am still not happy that we lost a player, but I have to accept that decision and move on. I am also not happy that this case felt very unfocused to me. The drama about the player threw me and I ended up sending the party on an unexpected side trek to see Ma and Pa in the swamp. Overall I am though happy about the outcome of that trip.

I am continuing to try to leave lots of hooks for people to pick up and explore, as well as do lots of foreshadowing. For example I have been foreshadowing “The Black” drug all through this case and in parts of the first case.

You can find my case plan notes here

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