Deadlands Noir Session 15 Notes

We begin the session with the group leaving what was Campbell’s Meat Processing Plant. Once they are outside, they notice a wasp’s nest in a tree just outside the building. Thinking nothing of it, Ada, Greyson, and Stefanie who had arrived just after Adelaide had returned from the dead, went to go search property tax records to find the owner of the property. Meanwhile Adelaide and Katarina went home so that Adelaide could change replace her ruined clothes.

Adelaide and Katarina then go to the Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord and speak with a member of the church asking if he has seen Dylan Malone. He says he has and that the poor Malone did not look like he was doing well. He goes on to let them know that he last saw Malone at one of their shelters and gave Adelaide and Katarina the address so they could see if he was still there. As they leave, they notice a wasp’s nest outside the church. Katarina has Adelaide shoot it to see if anything comes out. When nothing does, they head over to the soup kitchen.

Ada, Stefanie and Greyson find that a Jacob Dover owns the property. After a little further searching they find that the Dover’s were a wealthy family until Jacob’s mother died. Jacob’s father then went a little crazy and traveled the world searching for a medium that would allow him to talk to his dead wife. Eventually these travels left the Dover family broke and Jacob’s father eventually died. Ada, Stefanie and Greyson then decide to pay a visit to Jacob’s apartment and see what they can learn if anything.

Adelaide and Katarina go to the soup kitchen and Katarina gets one of the volunteers to bring Sharky Malone to talk with her. Sharky is very much out of it, remembering things in bits an pieces such as that he wants the drug, but not when he started taking it. After a little bit of conversation, they convince him to come home with them. They give him a sedative and place a guard on him in and outside the room and a couple of guards on patrol around the house.

Ada, Stefanie, and Greyson break into Jacob’s apartment and after quickly searching through a desk they find a number of pages in what they think is a foreign language, but eventually realize is a code and a couple of tax receipts for other properties. They decide to visit one of them hoping to find more information.

When they arrive, they find that it is a similar building to Campbell’s Meat Processing Plant. Stefanie tries to pick the lock on the back door, and unfortunately breaks her lock picks1. Greyson then tries to shoulder the door open. Once he fails, Ada and Stefanie easily break the door down.

Inside they find a similar layout with an office in the far corner, another walled off room in on the other side of what would be the front door, a cauldron, and a pile rotting animal carcases in the near corners. The similarities of this room freak Ada and Greyson out so they drag Stefanie away to regroup.

Eventually they go and purchase the supplies for a bomb and call Katarina’s house so that Adelaide and Katarina can join up with them. They then build a bomb and spend an inordinate amount of time devising a way to deliver the bomb. Eventually they notice that the creature has moved over by the cauldron, and so they go around to the front of the building where Ada and Stefanie again break down the door. This of course summons the creature to the front door and scares the hell out of Greyson giving him a minor fear of cows as well. It rakes Ada, but she and the rest of them retreat back from the doorway as Katarina and Adelaide show up with support. The creature moves back into the building and out of sight.

After some discussion, Adelaide takes the bomb, drops it inside the doorway and bangs on the wall drawing the creature out. Then she retreats back and shoots the creature. This angers the monster and it comes charging out but doesn’t reach anyone. Ada then shoots the bomb with her burster gun setting it off and catching the creature in the explosion. Unfortunately the creature shrugs off the blast. Stefanie then shoots it wounding it slightly and everyone decides that discretion is the better part of valor and leave the vicinity and the creature goes back into the building. Again they notice a wasp’s hive outside of this building as they depart.

Katarina finally finds out about the encoded notes, and takes it upon herself to crack the code, so she starts working on that. Meanwhile Ada takes her dose of the drug and gives it to a chemist at Tulane to analyze, she then starts experimenting with the eggs that she got from Harold Priestly’s remains. Since the crystalline eggs still haven’t done anything, she pours some acid into the container with them and watches the them dissolve releasing transparent worm like creatures. These creatures also dissolve in the acid, and she hears screams as they do.

When Ada gets the results of the analysis back, she finds out that the majority of the drug is alcohol. The other bit those is interesting. It appears to be some type of unknown blood and it is still alive.

Katarnina finally cracks the code and finds out that the notes contain information on the ratio of base substance to alcohol, she gets lots of ranting about how Jacob’s father wasted all of his (Jacob’s) money. What they don’t get is any information on what the mysterious base substance is.

When everyone gathers to compare notes, they decide that the church must know more than they let on (since the church’s name has the word blood in it), and Ada, Katarina, Adelaide, and Stefanie decide to go visit it again. Greyson decides to go case the other property.

Greyson finds that it is a similar property to the other two that they have searched, but it seems to have had some recent as in the last day or so activity whereas the others seemed to have been abandoned for longer.

Katarina, Adelaide, Ada, and Stefanie start questioning Fred Graves, a deacon in the church about who they worship expressing some disbelief when he confirms that it God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit like any other god fearing church would. They find that the congregation is led by Reverend Christopher P. Stilson. When they ask to meet him, they are told that he is busy, but he will be delivering a sermon on Sunday and they are free to come if they wish. Some of the group Adelaide and Stefanie are much more suspicious of this church and continued to push with antagonizing questions. He did his best to handle this politely going so for as to let Stefanie thumb through the well-worn bible that he carried. When Adelaide asked him what sort of demonic entity he worshiped, he returned with I worship God the father through his son Jesus Christ. We ended with a combination of embarrassed and belligerent characters deciding that they will return for the Sunday service to see what is going on.


It was interesting to see how nervous the players where about facing off against another of those creatures even though this time they were doing much better on damage rolls and had come more prepared to take on something tough. Several of the characters tried to smarts tricks on the creature because they learned that the last one was pretty dumb, but it kept resisting them.

Also in preparing for the Harrowed character I kept reading the sections on them and I noticed that in Deadlands Noir, unlike in Deadlands that the Harrowed do not get the bonus to Toughness or to recover from being Shaken. There is mention of this in the PEG Official Answers forum here and I will give our Harrowed the opportunity to use the newer rules (I didn’t realize that the Undead trait was a change from the rules in Deadlands Reloaded).

I have been working on ratcheting up the tension with frequent encounters with dormant wasp nests to bring back memories of the Theodore Sedgewick who they fought earlier and who got away. I am also surprised by how actively they distrust the church that they encountered as part of this case. Since I know they are planning to attend a sermon, I have to work out some ideas on what that is like as well as what they believe and what books their bible covers.

  1. This group has the worst luck with lock picks, we have gone through three sets of them all broken with critical failures. 

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