Impressions from my latest read through of Rippers Game Masters Guide

So these are my impressions from re-reading the Rippers Resurrected Game Master’s Guide. The setting was one that I had heard about after it went out of print, and I was very glad to be a backer for the kickstarter. This book is a return to the Rippers setting after the events of plot point campaign in the original Rippers book. This book is very much a continuation of the setting found in the original book, almost like a second plot point campaign in Deadlands going from The Flood to The Last Sons.


This chapter gives information on what life is like during the time period, as well as some rules similar to Deadlands’ Fear Levels. Some rules on creating new Rippertech and Relics (blessed or magic items). This chapter also has some rules on long distance travel since some of the journeys you can expect to be on can take weeks or more.

Adventure Generator

This chapter is all about generating the various types of adventures that are common in the game. One adventure you could have is hunting down a monster, then you could follow that up with a recruitment scenario, and follow that up with a research scenario. Each of these types and a couple of others have tables that you can roll on to create any number of adventures. All in all, I like the breadth of things that can be created, the only thing that I would have liked better is if the generator had used cards instead of dice or in addition to dice.

Rippers’ World

This chapter describes the various locations in the world that you can travel to, the important areas in the countries, and it flags locations that have a related savage tale in a later chapter. Asia and Europe get the most pages in this chapter which I find kinda of odd based on the plot point campaign that is included, but is more in line with the gothic horror tone that the setting has by default. Each of these regions has a lot of potential for adventures and dangers with just a little research when combined with the in this chapter.

Return of Evil

This is the plot pot campaign for this book. It involves an evil cult attempting to free their god while keeping the Rippers distracted by other issues including the resurrected enemies that had been taken care of earlier. All in all I like this one a lot. The enemies are interesting, the challenges are good, and the twists will be fun as well. The best part is that after it is over, there are still big problems to deal with instead of the mopping up action that the original plot point campaign left you with.

Savage Tales

This chapter has a bunch of bare boned short adventure ideas that can be fleshed out and slotted in between the episodes of the plot point campaign. There are a lot of good adventure in this section. I particularly liked No Asylum and A Serious Undertaking, but they are all good, and some of them have great twists and surprises.

Allies & Enemies

This chapter starts with stating out the major good players in the setting, then moves on to the run of the mill people in the setting. After that we get a section on the group that is the enemy in the plot point campaign, finally we move on to the Cabal members that are still out there. We also get a selection mortal servitors of evil, the henchmen, the Cossack’s that served Dracula, and members of the Night Guard. The best section might be the one on Vampires where we have five different types of various power levels that you might encounter.

All in all, I liked this setting and the updates that they made to the world with it. This setting is set during the same time period as Deadlands which means that you can easily take some of the things from that setting and transplant them here with minor changes and they will work just as well.


Author: Hours without Sleep

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