Deadlands Noir Session 16 Notes

Notes: This session felt a little off to me. We missed playing last week due to too many players not being available for various reasons. So today we spent a fair amount of time at the start getting back up to speed with what had been going on. There was also a fair amount of attention paid to what books are in the bible since one of the characters thumbed through a deacon’s bible in the last session and I handed out a list of books that she remembered seeing.

We started this session with the group at Katarina’s home checking on “Sharky” Malone. He was still down from the sedative that they had given him. So they let him continue to rest so that they could hopefully break him of his addiction. Katarina and Adelaide went to give Sam “Silver Dollar” an update on their progress towards finding the source of “the black”. He told Katarina to “take care of it”, but wasn’t particularly clear as to what that meant.

The next day they hit the streets to try to find out where Jacob Dover spent his time. They eventually found out that he got his diner from the same dinner each day. After two days of watching the dinner, they finally figured which customer he was.

The next day Ada and Greyson followed him while Adelaide and Katarina waited for him at the door to his apartment building. Katarina talked him into her car after he realized he was surrounded. With everyone in the car, they drove off to meet with Sam “Silver Dollar”.

After they got out of the car, they started to enter the restaurant when Jacob stepped into a shadow and disappeared. This irritated Katarina and Adelaide, but there wasn’t much that they could do now that he was gone. They left and rented the apartment next to Jacob’s to stake his place out and settled in to wait for him to show up.

The next day was Sunday, the day they said they would go to the Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord. So they got cleaned up and went down to the church to see what it was about. They arrived early and noticed that there were three times of parishioners. The largest group were the local homeless that showed up for the free meal after the service. The next group were local families that had a steady income and place to live, and the last seem to be the people who worked for the church. Everyone mingled for a little bit before the sermon started. One of the books that they noticed in one of the bibles was 2 Maccabees, which is an odd book to be found in a Protestant Bible, but no one that they talked to seem surprised by its inclusion.

Eventually everyone was settled in their seats, and the Reverend Stilson came out to give the sermon. His sermon was about the “trail of scarlet” that wound through history from Babylon to now, both from God’s word and Satan’s. He also talked about how it was important to free people from those caught up in Satan’s trail and return them to God’s path of salvation. All of the traditional parts of a Protestant service where there and that put the group at ease.

After the service was over there was a communal meal put together by the church for everyone that attended. At first the Reverend moved among the different tables greeting and having a brief word with the parishioners. When he stopped at the table that the group was at he answered their questions and talked to them briefly about the need to fight the addictions that have moved into society. They asked him if he had seen those addicted to “the black” and he told them he had and he tried to get those who suffered from that off the street, and away from the drug, but that was the best he could do. Eventually he moved on and after visiting all of the tables, he sat and had some of the food that he was being served to everyone.

Some latent suspicion in the group made most of them not eat the meal, but Ada had some mostly so she could try to sneak some out for later analysis. The one thing that they noticed that was slightly odd though was that the people from the church tried to prevent anyone from leaving with food. They explained this by pointing out that this was just the first of many services and meals on Sunday (one for each of the church’s shelters).

They eventually left deciding that there was nothing suspicious about the church. Ada, did perform some analysis on the meat and determined that it was meat, but couldn’t isolate what type other than not poultry considering that it was ground into a loaf.

That is where we ended the session for the night.


This session felt like it stuttered a lot as we started. It ended up flowing a bit better as we neared the end. I know that this was in part because while I had prepared for the session last week, I didn’t review my notes before the session, so I kept needing to look things up. Because of this there were a couple of mistakes that I made, and overall I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been to answer all of the questions that the player’s had.

One of the things that I found a couple of weeks ago to help prepare me for the church service was a site that hosts church sermons in a searchable format. It gave me some inspiration for what the sermon in this session was going to be about, but I didn’t spend enough time reviewing it and getting it ready for the session. Anyway if your are interested in using it for a reference, you can find the site here.


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