Deadlands Noir Session 17 Notes

We started off the session with the group deciding what they wanted to take care of. The choices up for discussion where investigate the church some more or deal with the producer of the drug1.

Eventually they decided to go after Jacob Dover, but first there were preparations to be made. They started off by getting Ada some explosives so that they could make a bomb and put it in a manikin that they could roll into the building to kill or damage one the “meat monsters” that they kept finding in Jacob’s drug labs. They also recruited ten mafia goons to go with them.

After their preparations, they arrived at the last warehouse and Stefanie and one of her goons climbed the wall, and saw five people in the building. They began shooting them before anyone else had even opened the doors to the building. The gang guards went down pretty quickly as the doors were opened. Adelaide shooting the chain that was keeping the main door closed with her shotgun and Greyson kicking in the door he was at.

Greyson’s work spent learning how to use his tommy gun really paid off during this battle, first with him taking out a number of the guards, and then with him pretty much single-handedly chewing up one of the “meat monsters”. Unfortunately there were two of the monsters in this warehouse. Adelaide drug and pushed their bomb near the other of the meat monsters and fled while one of her goons detonated it. Unfortunately, the creature moved out of the range of the blast and then started coming after them. It killed several of their goons, but it too eventually went down. Then the Jacob and his minions started attacking. Throwing bolts of black gunk at various targets. They took down another of our hero’s goons, but eventually they too were defeated.


I didn’t really expect this battle to take as long as it did. The first part of it went fairly quickly Greyson’s damage dice were hot and with his d8 Shooting and Rock and Roll edge, he chewed through mooks and the first monster quickly. Then things started slowing down. We ended up running out of time to finish the battle, Jacob and one of his personal minions were still alive when it was time to end, and since we are not meeting next week, and didn’t want to start off with finishing up this fight, I just said that the party won (I could have allowed Jacob to flee by teleport, but I was kind of ready for him to be done). This allowed me to set a good ending point (finishing up the case) and to set a clean starting point for the next session in two weeks. In some ways this was a last-minute decision especially since I didn’t have any stats written down for either Jacob or his two henchmen. I just ran them on the fly with d6 spellcasting for the henchmen and a d8 spellcasting for Jacob (a wildcard).

  1. Last week those in attendance pretty much wrote the church off as a red herring, but this week they seemed to have changed mind. I also pointed out that they had a pretty good idea as to where the guy they were looking for was hiding. 

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