Case of the Black Postmortem

This was probably the most focused case that we played which was kind of nice (it only took us about 4 1/2 sessions to get through it). One thing that I am learning about this group is how easily they can get distracted by other things going on in the game. So I have to be very careful how many red herrings I put out there otherwise, they might never resolve a case that they are working on. Something I definitely need to keep in mind for the future.

Greyson with his new Shooting skill and the Rock and Roll edge can definitely take things out better than most of the other characters at this point (the exceptions are Stefanie and Ada). It was nice to see the group take out one of the “meat monsters” so much more easily this time than the first time where Adelaide was killed. It also helped that I had a lot of minions to choose to attack instead of just attacking the player characters. Though it does mean that I am going to need to pay a bit more attention to the opposition in regards to toughness and damage output to make sure that I find the right level of challenge in combat in the future.

This case was based on another one that was inspired by a Call of Cthulhu scenario called None More Black in the book Doors to Darkness.

Based on what the last fight told me, future antagonists will probably have even less written down about them they my normal standard especially if they are only going to show up in a fight scene. I mean while I had the mafia thug template written out for the first set of bad guys, the two junior cultists only had two stats (d6 Spellcasting and Toughness 5) though if either of them had been shaken, that would have expanded to three (I would have added a d6 Spirit).

One of the things that I found that was useful when the group started paying more attention to the church that I introduced in this case than I had really intended was a web site of sermons that you can search. I have only just scratched the surface with what I have looked at it, but it did have a wonderful jumping off point for me to use when the group attended a service. You can find the site here and I am sure to spend some more time exploring it as the group continues to interact with the church (I am pretty sure that they will continue to poke at it in future sessions).

At this point I am thinking we will move forward a couple of months so that it will be Spring time for the next adventure, and I think I will start it off with a variant of the Narrative Mission rules from Weird Wars I and the Interlude _ rules in _Savage Worlds. After that, we will move on to whatever set of leads that they choose to pick up next.

Anyway, you can find my notes on the case here.


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