Narrative Missions For Deadlands Noir

For my next session of the Deadlands Noir game that I am running, I am planning to use a variation on the Narrative rules from Weird Wars I. I have written about these rules before here, and you can find the rules in a preview here.

I am changing the skills available for use with each card face as follows:

  1. Clubs
    Fighting, Healing, Shooting, Survival, Throwing
  2. Diamonds
    Boating, Climbing, Driving, Piloting, Riding, Piloting, Swimming
  3. Hearts
    Gambling, Intimidation, Perform, Persuasion, Streetwise, Taunt
  4. Spades
    Investigation, Knowledge, Lockpicking, Notice, Stealth, Tracking

I am also going to allow the Spellcasting and Weird Science skills to be used in any of the cases with appropriate justification by the player. I have grouped these skills into areas with Clubs dealing with combat and survival, Diamonds being travel, Hearts are for social interaction, and Spades are for gathering information either by research, theft, or other ways. The only other change I am going to do is not have a card dealt for minions.

The narrative mission in this case will be the gun running business that the group’s leader runs for the Black Hand and this will determine how things go for the next several months of game time until we get to mid Spring when the next set of cases start-up.

At this point I am down to just figuring out what the reward will be for succeeding in the “mission”, and what to give any of the character’s who succeed on the 2 if any of the players end up with it. I will review how this worked out in my next session notes post.


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