Deadlands Noir Session 18 Notes

Since we finished the case we were working on I started off the session with a Narrative Mission1 that took place over about three months moving the game from mid January to mid April.

Katarina’s Gun Deal

Before Carmine Salvatore’s death he had been negotiating a fairly large arms deal. Unfortunately he never got to complete the deal. When the potential buyers approached Katarina to complete the deal,she put her team together and worked to make the deal happen. Katarina has Greyson validate the buyers are not actually undercover law enforcement and that they are who they say they are. He finds out that they are German nationals wanting to acquire various patent science weapons for use outside of the CSA. Katarina handles that actual negotiations on price, security, drop off location. All of this she does with ease.

Ada is responsible for keeping bystanders away from the site of the exchange. Unfortunately she does not entirely accomplish this and so there are some witnesses to the deal.

Adelaide and Stefanie work security with the transportation and delivery of the merchandise. Unfortunately there is an attempted hijacking of the truck by armed gunman. Stefanie was not as effective at keeping them away from the truck with her guns, but Adelaide did manage to keep them from taking the truck when they did approach.

So overall they did close the deal and the Black Hand made a nice amount of money in the processes.

The rest of the session

Greyson, noticed in the paper that Alex Rossetti was killed in a gun fight that broke out in the French Quarter. The gunfight was between him and his bodyguards and some unknown assailants some of which were known Black Hand associates. All told, there were six deaths two Black Hand goons, a man who wasn’t identified as Black Hand, two of Rossetti’s bodyguards, and Rossetti himself.

Greyson and Stefanie canvas the area where the gun fight occurred and came up with the following information, Rossetti and two associates had just exited a restaurant when a black car came rushing down the road. Five men got out of the car and opened fire with tommy guns on Rossetti and his two companions. Two other men obviously watching for an ambush got out of their car and opened fire on them men that just arrived trying to provide cover for Rossetti to get away. This all happened at around three in the afternoon. Three of the men in the car were killed and Rossetti and his two companions also died. The two guards outside got away as well as two of the ambushers.

Katarina, Adelaide, and Ada go to see Sam “Silver Dollar” Corolla. When they get to “his” restaurant, they see him chewing out three of his bosses. Katarina wisely waits for him to finish that conversation and for them to clear out before she approaches. On the table is a newspaper with the headline of Rossetti killed by Black Hand assassins. After a little discussion, Silver Dollar gives them permission to investigate this as well. He also tells them if they want to see the bodies tell the medical examiner that he sent them.

Everyone meets up at the morgue to share information. They then go in to talk to Dr. Quincey the medical examiner. After dropping Corrolla’s name he lets them in to see the bodies. Rossetti they noticed took a bullet to the head, so obviously he will not be coming back harrowed. As for the three bodies of his attackers, all three were members of the Black Hand. Two, John and Andrew, were low-level muscle for the outfit. They usually worked as bouncers and door guards at the various Black Hand gambling dens. Tyler was the odd one. He was also a low-level member, but he wasn’t trusted with anything important. He mostly was there to be a visible presence in gambling dens, but not trusted with jobs. All three worked indirectly for the same mob boss, who was incidentally one of the three men getting chewed out by Silver Dollar. Adelaide takes hair samples from each of the corpses.

Greyson and Stefanie then go meet with Greyson’s police contacts to see if they have any additional information. They do find out that it appears the assailants used a stolen car but it hasn’t been recovered yet. Greyson gets his contact to inform him of any new developments.

Adelaide, Katarina and Ada go look up a Voodoo practitioner that Adelaide knew to try to get some information from the dead. The practitioner by the name of Winslow agreed to perform the rituals2 and from John they found out he was compelled against his will. From Andrew they found out it was by a “Strange man with red scarf”. Ada then went back to the medical examiner and found out that each of the assailants had a wasp like insect in them when they died.

This leads to a discussion about if it is the Red Sect behind the hit. They also think about Theodore Sedgwick as a possible strange man. After hitting the streets some more, they dig up some sightings of a man similar in appearance to Sedgewick, but with a scarred face with a damaged cheek. After checking out some of the sites he was spotted, they find abandoned insect hives. The sightings are spread about the city and never seem to be close together.

Other bits of information that were found is that John, Andrew, and Tyler occasionally worked at the same location, but hadn’t recently. They also didn’t the night before the shooting. And that at least John was on the job as expected and left without raising any alarms.

At this point the group lets Silver Dollar Corolla know about Sedgewick and to have the organization keep an eye out for him. Adelaide also contacts local Pest Control companies to let her know if they start seeing anything weird.

And that is more or less where we ended it.


I gave out a benny for the question on if the corpses had an insect inside them. I thought that would be a good trapping for the bodies to be controlled. I also setup a stack of bennies to be handed out during the session to hopefully remind me to give them out. I also suggested that they offer to do something for the benny as opposed to do something that they think should earn them a benny. Hopefully between these two changes I will start giving out bennies during the session.

  1. This was based on the Narrative Mission rules in Wierd Wars 1 with tweaks that I introduced for Deadlands Noir here. For the most part it went okay. I felt there were three issues with it.
    1. I didn’t account for what skills the Jokers would give access to. I ended up ruling that another card was drawn to determine the suite.
    2. The spread of suites drawn was narrower than I expected. They only drew Hearts and Clubs. Which meant that there was a narrower choice of skills to pick from than I had hoped. This really impacted Ada because she ended up with a low Heart card and was not very skilled in any of the skills that were in that grouping.
    3. The narrative aspect didn’t flow quite how I expected. I think this was mostly because no one had used this mechanic before and if we use this more, it would actually flow rather nicely.
    I will probably do this again, especially if we do another season jump and I will do more note cards for each suite to identify what skills are available for use (I had one card for each suite, but since we had two of one and three of the other there was more handing cards from one player to the other than I would have liked). 
  2. We used the Divination spell for the speak with dead effect. I found it odd that you could only get one question answered and with a success you only got a “yes”, “no”, or “possibly”. For the first usage they only got a success, but the second usage got a raise so they could ask a question with a more complicated answer, though I did have to think about it to keep my answer down to five words. 

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