Deadlands Noir Session 19 Notes

We got started late, and so this session was mostly a large battle, and then a bit of a discussion about what options the group has to resolve the situation that has been going on over the last two sessions.

We start the session with the everyone trying to decide where to go next. They eventually decide to check out the hive they noticed at Campbell’s Meat Processing Plant because they can’t think of anything better to do.

They drive up and enter the building starting to look around when Greyson realizes that they are in danger1. Just as he starts to turn around to shout a warning a bunch of mob gunmen kick open the door that they just entered and open fire at them. One of them hitting Adelaide, but she soaked the damage. A number of the extra goons started moving to the other entrances to the building to try to surround the group while the gunmen took cover by the entrance. Greyson whose contact with a Psyker in the previous session2 and gained similar abilities activated deflection on himself and took cover.

After that the group starts opening fire on the goons that attacked them. Greyson and Stefanie were particularly effective against the goons, but the goons were not nearly as effective. Greyson’s usage of his Tommy gun with especially effective.

Eventually some of the goons got to the side door and started shooting at the group ineffectively while Stefanie got to the back door and blocked it so they couldn’t be attacked from all the building entrances. Katarina kept leaving the side of her bodyguard Adelaide and so she would have to chase after her to put herself between any threats and Katarina.

Katarina smashes one goon that moves to close to her with the but of her pistol caving his skull in. At this point they have killed all of the goons that were inside the building and there was only one left on the outside. He started to flee, but Adelaide caught up to him and “accidentally” killed him with her claws3.

Greyson then searches through the office again finding nothing that would relate this location back to Theodore Sedgewick while Adelaide drags all of the bodies to locker room in the plant. They all quickly realize that these are members of the Five Families mob and it looks like the Red Sect might have got their mob war started.

Stefanie goes to look at the nest in the tree outside the building and notices a black car a hundred or so yards away start-up, do a u-turn and drive off. Leaving four other cars parked on the side of the street.

She knocks down the hive and realizes that it has been abandoned for some time, so she goes to investigate the cars and sees that there is a stack of five license plates in the front seat of one of them, and none of the rest of the cars there have their plates on. And this is where we ended the session.


I had intended this session to start off with a fight. While we did start late, I didn’t expect these minions take as long to defeat as it did. After the session I told them that while I know that they want to deal with Theodore Sedgewick, doing so will not have any impact on the mob war that he started. I also said that at this point they need to decide how they want to deal with that before they can deal with him either by choosing to lay low for a couple of months or trying to convince whoever is running the Five Families outfit in New Orleans. I later thought that they could do that by trying to get the Senator Huey “The Kingfish” Long to put pressure on both side to end this. Next week we will see what option they take, and after it they will advance to Veteran rank, so I want to make it somewhat special.

  1. Greyson bought Danger Sense at the start of the game, and since they had never been attacked by surprise (they always new about the danger up front). I wanted to allow him to get some value out of it. The player failed the roll, but spent a benny to re-roll and made it the second time, unfortunately the goons got the higher card and went first anyway. 
  2. Greyson got the adventure card that grants him the Psyker background last session and he chose to use it. Though he doesn’t know who the Psyker was that he encountered or what he wanted. 
  3. Adelaide had just picked up the Claws Harrowed edge with her last advance. 

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