Deadlands Noir Session 20 Notes

We start the session with everyone back at Katarina’s place after catching trying to decide what to do about the escalating war between the Black Hand and the Five Families when Greyson gets a call from one of his police contacts tipping him off to a meeting between known Five Families members and Captain Mike Peterson from the third precinct. Greyson decides to follow-up on that going to see the Captain and try to figure out what is going down. After some back and forth, Greyson finally convinces Captain Peterson to drop a warning that Greyson that Greyson should keep anyone that he cares about off the streets after dark for the next couple of weeks. Greyson thanked the Captain and gave him some custom roasted pistachios.

When he returned to Katarina’s with the news, the group decided to set up a meeting with Huey “the Kingfish” Long the Senator from Louisiana to try to get his help bringing together both sides to negotiate a truce. When they leave for the appointment, Greyson realizes first that something isn’t right. They pull over as they start looking around and readying weapons when there car is flung up into the air as gravity reverses itself for a moment and then they come crashing back down to the earth blowing out all four tires and shaking just about everyone in the car. Greyson spots what looks like a heat shimmer on the roof, but loses it after it moves. After that to gunmen step around the corner and one lays some suppressive fire down on the car, while the other opens fire on Adelaide and Greyson, but only manages to hit the car.

Stefanie then returns fire shaking one of the gunmen. Greyson then opens fire with his tommy gun and takes the gunmen out. Unfortunately whatever reversed gravity does it again and sent both Greyson who was outside the car and the car flying back up into the sky only to come crashing back down wounding Katarina and Ada and totaling Katarina’s car. At this point everyone gets out of the car and scatters with Stefanie spotting the disturbance and shooting it gravely wounding the invisible man. Adelaide rushes over to him also having spotted the disturbance and before he can react, she uses her claws to finish him off. Leaving them with an invisible body1.

Adelaide works her magic healing both Ada and Katarina and when the body becomes visible they strip it of the weird patent science devices so that Ada can examine them. Katarina recognizes the patent scientist as a mob hitman known as “The Ghost” who usually operates up North, so they take his corpse as well as “proof” that they killed him.

Greyson then goes to make some calls to get them some fresh wheels and to let Senator Long know that they will be a little late to their meeting. When they arrive they are shown into the Senator’s office. Where they ask for his assistance to bring the violence to an end between the two mobs.

Senator Long first off wants to know if this request is coming from Corolla or from Katarina. She confirms that this is from her. After hearing this, the Senator informs her that he can set up a meeting between Katarina and the current head of the Five Families in New Orleans, a man named Patrick Paulson. They also find out that he was one of the two members of the Five Families that survived Rossetti’s assassination. Katarina makes a generous donation to the Senator’s reelection campaign, and he tells her he will call her tomorrow with the details of the meeting.

Katarina then goes to speak with Carolla about setting up the meet with the Five Families and their encounter with “The Ghost”. He is glad that “The Ghost” was eliminated, but wonders who hired him and just as importantly who all was he hired to kill. Unfortunately he is less happy with Katarina’s initiative to set up the meet and going to Senator Long without his blessing first. He knows that her actions make him look like he isn’t in control of the Black Hand anymore. He eventually agrees to let her have the meeting but it is going to be made known that it was His idea, and a task that He set for her. He also took the suggestion that she be for lack of a better term the diplomatic face of the organization. She then asks him if he knows any of the Red Sect leaders, and he lets her know that the only one he knows of is Mother Cheval who has been a member of the Red Sect longer than anyone remembers. With that Katarina takes her leave.

At this point Katarnia realizes that she needs a new car, so she goes shopping for one finding a replacement and then has it upgraded with extra body armor so that hopefully it will keep them safer. And this is where we ended the session.


I know have three issues to keep track of two of which the group knows about, and one of which has only been hinted at. The first issue is the Mob war which hopefully they will at least get a truce setup in the next session. The other is going to be Carolla’s growing concern/enmity with Katarina for undercutting his authority. And you know that is going to get all kinds of uncomfortable for the group without him doing anything directly to them. I can see a lot of dangerous and unflattering jobs coming their way.

One other thing I tried to do was to keep the scenes focused and moving instead of letting the group flounder. So any time I was unsure of what they were trying to accomplish, I worked to nail that down so that I knew what they were fishing for and could either give it to them if it was something that the people they were interacting with could give them or point them in the right direction for that information. I am going to try to continue this and see if that helps some of my pacing issues that were brought up in the last session of what I can do to improve.

  1. I expected this battle to be more difficult than it turned out to be. First off the Ghost was a Patent Scientist with three powers Invisibility (a belt that used gravity to bend light around him), Blast (a rifle that reversed gravity briefly before letting it take its course, and Bolt a beam of shearing gravity. His first action before the fight started was to activate his invisibility belt which he did with a raise, and since the party didn’t see him, they spent their first round readying weapons while he spent his first round using his blast on the car. The next round the two gunmen opened up, but were ineffective. and quickly mowed down. After that one person each turn made the notice roll at -6 to spot him and still got a raise on top of that. And there attacks were effective enough to do two wounds the first round and three wounds the second round. Without those notice rolls things would have gone very differently. 

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