Deadlands Noir Session 21 Notes

We started off the session with a quick recap of what had happened previously, and then we dove right in.

Katarina got a call from one of Senator Long’s men that a meeting had been scheduled outside the Lighthouse in the Lake Shore Development at 7PM.

They drove out early and after a brief discussion about what weapons they felt comfortable bringing with out looking like they were intending to start a fight. Greyson wanted to bring his tommy gun, but Katarina was firmly against it and won the argument in the end. They trudged out into the field to where the meeting was to occur. After they get to the light house two other cars pull up and eight large men clamber out of them and head towards the light house.

When they arrived the leader a man with short blonde hair and gray eyes asked Stefanie what did they want. Stefanie pointed him at Katarina and said that was who was in charge not her. He then turned to Katarina and repeated his question. This took Katarina aback because she was expecting someone different. She asked if he was Paulson to which he said he was. She then began to explain that the Black Hand was not behind the assassination of Rossetti and that the true culprits were the Red Sect. There was much back and forth on this and eventually she convinced him that there was at least the possibility that she was telling the truth. With the only evidence that she could give him being the result of the questioning of one of the assassin’s spirits. He offered this deal. Get him the head of the assassin and if it gave him the same information, he would agree to an end of hostilities. Otherwise things would remain as they were. To this Katarina agreed, and so she and the rest of the group went to collect the head.

Since it had only been a couple of days, the bodies of the dead assassins were still in the morgue, so they went to there, bribed Dr. Quincey the medical examiner to leave them and Adelaide raised one of the assassin’s as a zombie and had it get dressed in some old clothes that picked up on the way and follow them back out to the car. They then drove the zombie to where Paulson asked for the head to be delivered and turned it over to them. Then they went home for the evening1.

The next morning Katarina and Greyson both spotted a story in the newspaper “Graveyard vandalism spree continues! Cops clueless!” This was sufficiently intriguing and got Greyson to start doing some digging to try to figure out what was going on. After digging through a number of other newspaper articles and calling up his contacts at the police, Greyson found that:
1. A number of different cemeteries have been vandalized.
2. That it looked like someone with claws had been breaking into the mausoleums or digging the bodies out from under the slabs.
3. That one of the cemeteries that had been vandalized had a mausoleum owned by the Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord
4. That he now remembered noticing that there was a strange claw mark on the door frame into the space that the church used to hold meetings.

Since the vandals seemed to hit the cemeteries most nights, the group decided to stake out one of them and see if they got lucky. So after a quick daylight reconnoiter and search for further clues during which they found a dirty torn piece of fabric caught on one of the mausoleums that had been broken open. They then spread out in the center of the cemetery and waited to see what would happen.

After a couple of hours they each heard strange shuffling sounds of something approaching from all directions. Katarina tried to climb up on top of some of the grave structures to get out of the narrow graveyard avenue that she was in, but failed in the darkness so she readied her pistol. Greyson and Adelaide both activated their deflection powers. Stefanie just readied her pistol. As the sounds continued to get closer, they realized that they were surrounded by a large group of hunchbacked, gray skinned creatures wearing dirty rags. The creatures rushed towards the group and started trying to kill them. Stefanie quickly shot and killed one. Adelaide moved around a group that had surrounded her, recognizing them as ghouls, while they swung at her ineffectively. She moved to protect Katarina who was also being attacked ineffectively2. Greyson used his tommy gun to take out the group that Adelaide had been surrounded by and Stefanie, and Katarina shot some more taking them out. Adelaide used her claws to kill one and shot another with her shotgun leaving the last two one of which Greyson got with the bayonet on his tommy gun and the last Stefanie shot.

After the fight they examined the bodies and yes they were wearing clothing similar to the scrap of clothe that was found earlier. They also had similar claws to those that were found at the vandalized sites.

At this point they discussed things and have come to the conclusion that the Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord is serving human meat, even though Ada ate some had has shown no signs of transformation into a ghoul. Also the church leader had partaken of the food and shown no such signs of transformation. And this is where we ended it for the night.


For the initial investigation, I used the idea that has been kicking around in my head from Cthulhu Dark and the Goon. When Greyson got a couple of raises on his roll, I gave him the clues that I had devised which was basically that the vandalism was caused by clawed hands breaking into the structures, and then asked the player why does this remind him of the Church? I was ultimately given two reasons, claw marks and the mausoleum. I am using both, but changing the location of the claw marks from being inside the church to the exterior door frame. By asking the question it did put them onto the church, and gave them a definite next target to investigate, but I am not sure how I feel about the explicit connection. It might have just been that this particular connection was too direct, and other ones might not be. I will continue to give it a try, and the next time I get feedback, I will ask how they like it.

Next week we will be doing another session of Savage Harry Potter, and then we will get back to this.

  1. At this point I don’t actually know if they told Carolla that a cease-fire has been reached or not. I am leaning towards assuming that they did, but it didn’t come up during the game and they did get distracted the next morning. It is an important enough plot point that I put a message out to the group and I will see how they respond, or we will discuss it before the next session. 
  2. This was the story of the session for the Ghouls. They swung and hit nothing while the party got at least three jokers and made short work of them after the initial shock of the numbers wore off. 

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