Case of the Assassination of Alex Rossetti Postmortem

There are a number of things that have happened during the sessions that this case covered, some are changes that I have tried to make the game run a bit smother. Some are things that I still need to work on. I will break down some of the things that I tried, what I think went well and what I need to continue looking for the best way to do.


I am still working on giving out bennies during play and I think the big thing was having a stack of bennies to be given out has really helped with that. This is a definitely going to be a trick that I keep making use of because I think it helps me and I have enough bennies now for everyone with plenty of spares to make use of this way.

Narrative Missions

I tried this once, it didn’t work as smoothly as I would have liked, but because this was the first time any of us had tried this, I don’t want to judge it based just on that, so I plan on pulling this back out again at some point to try to see if the second time through goes smoother.

The Investigation into who killed Rossetti

This was the rest of the session after the Narrative Mission and I pretty much improved the whole thing, and it felt like it worked well to me. I had no idea going in as to how they would investigate it, or even who actively worked on the assassination i.e. Theodore Sedgewick. They pretty much figured out what was going on during the session.

The first Five Families attack

This went okay, I just wished the fight had not taken up so much of the session. I had intended it to only take a quarter to half of the session. I know it bothered me more than at least some of the players and since we also started late, I am guessing it mostly took so long in my memory.

Battle with the Ghost

In some ways this was a bit of a let down for me. I had intended it to be a tough fight, but the players’ notice rolls were on fire that night so an invisible enemy was no challenge. I wanted them to when, I just also wanted the Ghost to cause more damage than he did and maybe put some fear into the players. Oh well maybe next time.

Meeting with Long, Trouble with the Black Hand

During the discussion from the session with the Five Families attack, I pointed out the thing that they really needed to focus on in this case is less killing/capturing Sedgewick and more putting an end to the growing mob war. The way that they setup the conclusion going behind Carolla’s back is great for me and will give me some complications to throw into the growing mix of stuff that is happening.


I ran this as a social conflict without declaring that I was. It certainly gave Katarina as the face of the group a chance to shine. I don’t entirely run the conflict with opposed rolls and I probably should have even though the rules say you don’t have to use opposed rolls or had a more clear base difficulty in mind, because otherwise the outcome is pretty much guaranteed to be a 3 raise success without rolling higher than a two.

Longer term planning

I am starting to think of longer term events that are going to happen, repercussions for things that happened in this case and some from other things that I had planned to occur. I am continuing to work on foreshadowing things to come up and to make sure that the repercussions of actions play a role in what goes on afterwards. Examples of this are how Carolla is going to deal with the group, how is Long going to deal with the group, and how is Paulson going to deal with the group in the future. Of these questions, I only have an idea of what Carolla will do, the other two will depend on if the group let Carolla know about the cease-fire.

Anyway, you can find my notes for running the case here


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