Deadlands Noir Session 23 Notes

We started this session where we left off on the previous one. With the group looking down into a dark hole in the floor. The bottom was about fifteen feet below them. The floor was a dark color that reflected some light like it was damp. Greyson dropped one of his pistachios down the hole, and it bounced when it hit the ground but it also picked up grime from the floor making it harder to see. The group looked through the building and found some rope to use to climb down into the hole, and Ada rigged it up to make it an easy descent. Adelaide then went down with a rake to check the floor. Using the rake to scrape the floor, they realized that it was a concrete floor covered with a thin layer of liquid. They area the hole opened into was roughly partitioned out into various rooms with dirty, stained, and moldy drywall.

When Adelaide dropped the rake and dropped to the floor, she quickly realized that it was tacky, and was probably blood that hadn’t dried completely. The rest of the group quickly descended the rope and they spread out examining the space. They found that it was a larger structure, that had been sub-divided into smaller rooms with gurneys and shelves for tools. In a number of these “rooms” there were piles of discarded body parts. Some of which had been there awhile, and had accumulated signs that rodents had gotten into here.

About the time they had fully explored the area, they started hearing movement behind the partition walls. They started moving back towards the exit, when a dozen walking heads broke through the drywall surrounding the group.

They decided to retreat immediately, but before they could escape, Katarina was savaged by one, leaving her in need of aid. The rest of the group also got attacked, but managed to survive the first exchange with nothing more than scratches. While this is happening, one of the creatures scuttles up the wall and out of the hole escaping into the night.

Greyson opened fire with his tommy gun, Ada used her bolt pistol, and Stefanie used her pistol, but they either failed to hit, or failed to do any lasting harm to the creatures. Adelaide rushed up to provide assistance to Katarina and ended up casting fear panicking most of the creatures, causing them to run away, and giving the group a chance to rush towards the exit. Unfortunately as quickly as the creatures are panicked, they turn around and rush back. Adelaide again casts fear giving the group time to climb out while the group mostly fires ineffectively at the monsters.

When they get out they quickly re-cover the trap door to the horrors below and place the pallet of fertilizer back on top. Ada goes around and destroys the entrance with her burster gun that they saw the first creature use to enter hoping to trap the rest in there. Meanwhile Adelaide used her magic to heal Katarina’s wounds.

After this they go back to where the patchworkman attacked the student and help her to the medical center on campus which was near to where they parked. As they were leaving they noticed three homeless men standing under a light watching the hospital from across the parking lot, and they decided to approach them and find out what they were doing.

From the three men, they found out that Deacon Fred Graves, had asked them to stake out this facility, and that they were looking for someone who was killing the homeless. After a brief sharing of information the group went home to get some rest.

The next morning, the group went to have a breakfast of beigents before heading off to the church to speak to Deacon Graves. Ada also picked up a dozen beignets to give to the church when they got there.

When they arrived, they talked to Deacon Graves, and found out that he was asking people to keep an eye out at the various hospitals because some seems to have been killing homeless people, and sewing the body parts back together. His reasoning for focusing on the hospitals, is that the work done attaching the various parts looked professional so he was guessing the culprit was a doctor or more likely a surgeon. Again the group exchanges some information, but they are still very suspicious of the church, and then they had back to the teaching hospital on campus figuring that is where the scoundrel is working.

They find that one doctor stormed out of the hospital angrily about a month ago and hasn’t been seen since. His name is Dr. Robert Dreyson, and while before he stormed out he was a calm peaceful man, the week leading up to his departure he seemed to undergo some type of personality shift becoming angry and abusive.

They then tracked down his residence and while some of the group went to knock on his door to which there was no response, Stefanie went around and picked the lock on his back door and sneaked inside. She went to the front door and let the rest of the group in and they searched through the house. Things that they noticed right off, was that he kept a very neat and organized house. While there were signs that it was still being lived in, everything was also in its place, the dishes that would have been used for the last meal were in the dish drain drying, while all other dishes were put away. There was no clutter. When they went through his office they found his correspondence well-organized but suddenly ending a month ago, almost as if he started just throwing away any letters he received instead of responding to them as he had before.

After they left Greyson checked with his police contacts and found out that about a month ago the cops arrived on scene while a man was killing a number of homeless people. They eventually gunned him down, and he was taken to the hospital but died. It was the same hospital that Dr. Dreyson worked at and was just days before he stormed out.


The walking heads turned out to be a lot tougher for the group to take out than I had expected. I know that I used a bunch for the encounter, but I expected with Ada’s area of effect attack, Greyson’s tommy gun, and Stefanie’s pistol that at least a couple would die each round. Instead they only managed to kill about three or four while making their escape. They ended up using three adventure cards, one that made everyone shaken, one that removed the shaken status from all the players, and one to negate the results of an attack that would have taken out Adelaide, but seeing as how she is harrowed, she would have just woken up later needing to feed. I have been reading the Cthulhu Dark preview, and I just finished reading the parts on writing and running a mystery before this session, it had some good ideas that I want to try to incorporate into my adventure prep, so that will be some of what I work on over the next couple of weeks before the next session.

One last thing of note, I asked them if they wanted to know their dominion score if they become harrowed. This was before the session started, and we almost had to check and see if someone else would become harrowed before the end. The consensus was that they liked the idea of it being a secret that they don’t know, so now that is a stat that I will keep track of for the players unless they change their minds about it. I think this will provoke less some fear as time goes on, particularly if I try to activate Adelaide’s demon.


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