Deadlands Noir Session 24 Notes

We start off this session with more research. The group starts by going off to visit the scene of the murders last month to see if there is anything that catches their attention. One of the first things that Greyson realizes is that the building this happened in used to be the police headquarters about twenty years ago. They realize that the building has been abandoned for quite some time, the police headquarters has moved twice since leaving this location, so they go in and start to explore.

The main floor is littered with debris from the years, and there are signs of habitation scattered throughout. When they finally make it to the basement, they find some forgotten evidence boxes that have obviously been searched through in a room with the remains of the crime scene from a month ago. Looking through the boxes they find references to a murder case with the suspect being referred to as “The Axeman”. Greyson remembers stories about the case from his time as a detective, and Ada remembers similar tails of someone killing people by dismembering them and then disappearing for a time going back to the Battle of Gettysburg.

With this new bit of insight, they split up with Ada working to build a Spirit Trap, while Stefanie and Greyson try to do some research at the local library about a ghost’s weaknesses. Adelaide and Katarina go and speak with Adelaide’s contacts among the practitioners of voodoo about how to deal with spirits capable of possessing people.

Ada ends up cobbling something together, while Greyson and Stefanie strike out in the library. Adelaide gets told that there is probably some object that the spirit resides in and that as long as they don’t touch the object, they are probably safe.

So armed with this knowledge, they decide to confront Dr. Dreyson and see what happens. So they return to his house and wait for him to get home. Katarina borrows Greyson’s badge and knocks on his door with Adelaide while the rest of the group hides. Katarina pretending that she is a cop, tries to talk her way in to question him about the disappearing students. Dr. Dreyson is willing to answer their questions, but doesn’t want to invite them in. So Adelaide pushes her way past him and into the house. Katarina then follows her, so he turns and faces them staying by the door. And Adelaide notices that he briefly put his hand in his pocket and pulled it back out.

After more badgering by the two of them he finally agrees to show them about the house so that they will leave. The rest of the group sneaks in the back door and when he leads them upstairs they approach the stairs. In the smaller of the two rooms they try to confront him with Katarina pulling a gun on him. That is when they notice that both his hands are in his pockets. Adelaide reaches out to grab his wrist when he swells going from a five foot tall scrawny man to a seven and a half-foot tall muscular man. The transformation shocks Katarina freezing her with fear, and he slashes Adelaide with a scalpel shaking himself free of her grip and moves away. See lashes out at him with her claws but fails to hurt him.

Ada opens the door and throws a glue bomb at him, but misses. Katarina opens fire with her pistol but it does nothing. At this point he moves back in stuns Adelaide again and heads out the window. Adelaide shakes off the effects of his attack, and using her claws again rakes his back rending the flesh from shoulder to buttocks his momentum carrying him out the window where he bleeds out still clinging to the side of the house. He then shrinks down to his normal size and falls.

There is then some stumbling as they work their way back down stairs and out of the house to look for the scalpel which they believe is the object that allows the possession, but by the time they get down there all they find are two hand prints in the dirt by the side of the house that look like they crawled out from under it, and then fled off into the night.

Frustrated by this, they nevertheless go and tell the homeless people who were watching the hospital, Professor Alex Meyer, and Deacon Fred Graves what had happened and that they took care of the issue1.

The next morning while Katarina was taking care of some minor business for the family, one of her accountants comes in and asks if she wants to continue making the annual donation to the Church of the Body and Blood of Our Lord that her father had been the last several years? This lead to much cursing about the group continuing to show up and questions about why her father was giving them money. The accountant made nervous by her outburst was only able to tell her that one of the delivery men would take a check for a hundred dollars and deliver it to the church once a year, and that it wasn’t a particular person that made the delivery. She had him find who made the last delivery so she could ask them about it. Which he hurriedly left the room to do.

They then spent some time going to soup kitchens and homeless shelters to see if anyone had seen her father, since Stefanie swears up and down that she saw him near the church. Unfortunately no one recognized him so they still don’t know what that was about.

When the last person to make the delivery was found, Katarina questioned him, but all he could tell her was that he went to the church handed it off to Deacon Graves and left. “It just wasn’t his sort of place.”

And that is where we ended the session.


I didn’t expect the Butcher to go down that quickly Adelaide was the only one in the room that could hurt it, and she whiffed on her first damage roll, but since he was a smart guy, he decided to leave the room instead of fight it out while outnumbered and in a small space. The second time she didn’t blow the damage roll, and she spent an adventure card that doubled the damage roll which basically meant she killed him in one shot.

I kept hinting that they need to tell the tale of what they did to make the campus safe for the students again. They have in the past been disappointed with some of the adventure cards they get because they require a Legend chip to use, and they have done nothing to earn one yet. So this time when the opportunity arose I suggested that they tell people so they could get it.

The accountant’s question was just something I thought would be fun to throw in to see the reaction and it was every bit as good as I hoping for. The player sputtered and couldn’t tell the rest of the players what was on her note for a good five minutes. It was wonderful!

This session wrapped up the case of the missing students so I will be writing up some of my thoughts on that as well as well as releasing my planning for the case.

The next session will begin with them going to the church for another discussion with Deacon Graves and possibly Reverend Stillson. It will be interesting to see how that goes.

  1. This was after my hinting that they should tell someone the story so that they could earn their first legend chips of the campaign. 

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