Some Brief Impression of Evernight

So I just finished reading the pdf of Evernight that I got as part of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition kickstarter. It was an interesting and quick read being one of the older Savage Worlds settings. In fact it is one of the oldest two setting books, and in some ways it shows.

The first part of the book covers character creation for a standard fantasy setting. There are no surprises here, and a couple of setting specific edges for the one deity in the setting (effectively making a paladin and a cleric). The rules make reference of skills that have been removed from the system (Guts) for more than a decade, and melee weapons add bonuses to the damage. Even with all of that, there are some things that can be used from this book.

First off the setting starts off as a normal fantasy setting, but the plot point campaign changes it shrouding the world in darkness. This change means extensive use of the darkness rules which is something that I haven’t seen in Savage Worlds before. Also even though the rules have changed a lot since this was originally published, it isn’t too hard to update it to the current rule set. In fact the most difficult part would be to change the damages to match the current rules (and even that shouldn’t be too bad a +1 or +2 damage is a d4, a +3 or +4 is a d6, etc.) and the rest could be used as is.

The only annoying thing is that in the plot point campaign one of the chapters is devoted to the players being captured and enslaved. It is supposed to be for a short duration and it is supposed to be used to get important information to the players, but it is still an annoying that they choose to do it that way.


Author: Hours without Sleep

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