Episode 1, Diablero Setting Beginnings

My wife and I started watching Diablero today, and while she is writing up what the show is about, I am writing up how I would setup a game using this setting. You can find more about the show here, and you can watch it on Netflix.

To start with I would be running it using the Savage Worlds rules. Based on the first episode, I would use the following setting rules:

  1. Demonic Possession (from Codex Infernus)
  2. Exorcism (from Codex Infernus)
  3. Fear (from Savage Worlds Adventure Edition)

There is enough that we don’t know about the setting based just on the first episode that I can’t go too much beyond this. To me Savage Worlds is a good generic system though that will work with anything that this setting might throw at us from an investigative and action stand point. Here are some of the rules that I think will be incredibly useful from the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition for use in this setting:

  1. It looks like there will be a fair amount of investigation in this series. They will be searching for the missing child (Mariana) as well as searching for what is going on. Savage Worlds will handle these rules with either the base Research skill or some combination of the Networking rules that were added to the new edition from the Deadlands Noir setting.

  2. The Fear rules which were an existing rules section, but since this show has at least to some extent some horror aspects, I can’t imagine playing it without having characters being afraid at least once.

  3. Magic and the supernatural. We already have at least two characters that have displayed some supernatural abilities in Nancy and Elvis. In Savage Worlds, their abilities could be mimicked either by building custom super power suites using the Super Power Companion, or they could be mimicked by using an Arcane Background such as Gifted, Magic, or Miracles). To determine which of these though, I will have to watch more episodes and see how the powers are developed. In addition, Savage Worlds has the ability to create these demons with various aspects such as Armor while possessing someone, Ethereal when not, Fear, and Weaknesses.

The only book that I know I would lift ideas from at this point though is the Codex Infernus. This book added a lot of optional rules around dealing with demons, possession, and other related topics.

There are also a number of books that I can think of that might help with some of the atmosphere, but again at this point it would be a bit premature to start picking those out.


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