Bones Black Owlbear

So I finished painting my bones black owlbear over the weekend, and over all I like the new material. So much so that I wish all of the Bones 4 miniatures were going to be made from the material. The only oddity I had with it is that the first layer of paint didn’t stick like I normally expect it to on my other bones miniatures, but once I got past that, it was all fine. So much so that I placed another miniature order as soon as February hit and will be getting the new Black Rock Troll and a handful of other miniatures that I have been waiting for Reaper to release to tide me over until the Bones 4 kickstarter delivers sometime next month maybe.

In other news, I am starting to look at getting a air brush to help with base coating the various Bones 4 miniatures that I will be getting. Especially the larger ones. As part of the process of learning about air brushes in general, I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos on them. One of the series that I liked was [TableTop Minions( Right now, I am leaning towards getting this airbrush kit from Amazon to start with and am likely to upgrade as needed if I like how it all works for me.


Author: Hours without Sleep

I am a professional software tester, who has an interest in programming, computers, role-playing games, history, and reading in general. This is my third attempt at keeping a blog, and I am going to try putting all of my thoughts in one place, and see how it goes.

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