Alternate Benny Rule For Savage Worlds

This is a newly updated version of the rule I use for bennies. I am bad about giving them out for role-play, I tend to be too focused on other the rest of the game to remember them. This is a slight tweak from the original rule that I came up with and a clean up of some of the text of the original rule. The change is that instead of no bennies, the GM will now start with half the normal amount just to give them a little bit of protection against bad luck at the start of a game.

This rule was largely inspired by the "Cursed Spanish Gold" rule used by the Wild Cards group on there Deadlands Reloaded game. So thanks to the Wild Cards cast for inspiring me with this idea. You can find more about the Wild Cards twitch show here and the start of their campaign here

Modified Benny Rule v2

  1. The game master gets half the normal bennys to start the game. Any game master wild card characters get bennys as normal.
  2. The players get bennys as usual.
  3. There is a pool of bennys on the table. Any player can take a benny from the pool and use it. This is called the Player’s Pool
  4. Players can not take a benny from the pool to hold onto for later. If they take it, they must spend it on that roll.
  5. Once a player has spent the benny, it goes to the Game Master to be used.
  6. If there are no bennys in the Player’s Pool they must use one of there own or they can’t use a benny.
  7. When the Game Master uses a benny they got from the players, it goes back to the player’s pool.
  8. Any extra bennys of the game masters are returned to the player’s pool at the start of the next session. They are not saved between sessions.
  9. A benny from the Player’s Pool can be used for any of the benefits listed in the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition page 90 book.


I have used this rule for four sessions now, and the main change that I have seen is that the players are a bit more willing to spend their own bennies at the beginning of the session, but they are hesitant to pull from the Player’s Pool. They have a tendency to try a restrict the number of bennies I end up getting from that pool, but on the other hand when they need it they go in and make use of it. So far it has played out well.

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