Episode 4, Diablero Dramatic Tasks

My wife and I started watching Diablero, and while she is writing up what the show is about, I am writing up how I would setup a game using this setting. You can find more about the show here, and you can watch it on Netflix.

This episode was all about the dramatic task. In fact there were potentially several of them in this episode.

  • The ritual to summon the demon.
  • The work to prepare the space to contain the demon.

Either of these tasks could have gone wrong and while the preparation was well executed, the summoning was not and ended up needing an outside influence to help make that happen.

One of the nice things about Savage Worlds is that it has included dramatic tasks like these for several versions, and while all of this could have been done as one dramatic task, I like to think of this as more than one.

The first task for preparing the space to contain the demon, everyone could assist with. It is mostly about making sure the sigils are correctly drawn, the space is adequately cleaned and cleared and everyone knows what they need to do or not do during the ritual, etc. Based on the outcomes in the show, it looks like they managed this one quite well, because when they caught the demon, it was not able to break free.

The second task for the ritual itself, looks like it was mostly setup as a single person task between Elvis and the demon, but Elvis got an assist by Mariana who was interacting with the demon and his possessed victim/host.

The other thing that was brought out in this episode is more about how a diablero works magic. One of the savage worlds settings is East Texas University. It is basically a lower powered Buffy the Vampire Slayer setting with college kids dealing with college and supernatural incidents. In total it is a very good setting, and it has a section on Ritual Magic that I would lift in its entirety to fulfill the role of magic in this setting. About the only thing that I would leave out so far is the section on Black Magic and corruption. So far we have not seen any evidence of those effects in the show. The only thing left to do would be to select which powers are available as rituals, and figure out how they are learned, and there you go.

So far the powers that I have seen are: Banish, Bind Entity, Detect/Conceal Arcana, Divination, Summon Demon. I would probably include such powers as Confusion, Create Talisman, Grave Speak, Illusion, Mind Link, Mind Reading, Mind Wipe, Object Reading, Ward, and Zombie. Though as we watch more episodes, this list might change and or increase.

The last thing that I am still unsure about is how to model Nancy as someone who lets in a possessing demon who she can control and what powers she gets from that. While I have had several thoughts on it including the one in the episode 2 post, I have not come up with a final idea of how I would want to implement it.

Author: Hours without Sleep

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